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Monday, January 5, 2009

Good-Bye 2008, HELLO 2009!

Good-Bye 2008, HELLO 2009!!

We did get to experience lots of new things in 2008: Texas Wine Country, making our own wine, visiting Alaska, a very first BFP, and of course PEANUT!!

2008 was awesome just for the fact that we finally found an RE and a protocol that worked for us and has blessed us with a little one growing (and currently kicking) inside my belly.

It feels almost impossible to top 2008. And...I'm a little intimidated by 2009.

Why you ask? Because of the M word of course.


I barely know what to do know while Peanut is just in my belly. What to do during birth and after is a bit scary. Yes, lots of books have given me tips upon tips and tools upon tools. Millions of women have given birth and raised children without having ever read "What.To.Expect.When.You're.Expecting" and "What.To.Expect.The.First.Year."

I am sure I will do fine. It will be both amazing and harder than I can imagine. But I've been dreaming of and wanting this for so long, I know only good can come of it. I promise to be every bit of a blessing to him as he already is to me.

And for those good ol' NY Resolutions? Well phooey on them. I am considering myself 100 % resolved for 2009!

Anyone else giving those resolutions the boot?

**UPDATED: removed that gi-normous 2009 image I had because it formatted the text too weird to read.

**UPDATED AGAIN: forgot to show you these 2 fabulous items I purchased yesterday from OneStepAhead.Com - a stool for us to sit on while giving Peanut a bath that she can later use as a step stool. The seat comes off for extra storage. And this float for all those lake trips on the boat. It has toys attached to the front of it, along with a UV indicator so we'll know if its too hot for our little one!

3 nice things to say...:

Martha said...

I too don't do the New Year's resolution thing. It's funny, I was a pediatric nurse and a nanny before becoming a Mom and I still felt clueless. My boys are still in one piece and so am I, so I think it's working out.
I have a sneaking suspicion you will be wonderful, warm, wise, and the Best Mommy ever!!

On My Mind 24/7 said...

Yes, the M word freaks me out too. I'm sure we'll be fine though! I don't do NY's resolutions either.

PJ said...

I'm not doing the resolutions thing this year either. I've got too much else to worry about!

Besides, it's usually to diet and that is now totally being put off!!!

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