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Friday, January 9, 2009

Test Results..


YEAH! I passed my 1 hour glucose.test! I don't have the 'Beetus and I don't have to take the 3 hour test! WHOOPEE! The rest of my b/w is back too, and I do have an iron deficiency.
This is probably because I'm not eating enough good for me foods. According to some sites, these foods include:

Red meat - CHECK
beans - CHECK
tofu - DENIED
raisins - DENIED - ate too many as a kid and now dislike them A-LOT
dates - DENIED
prunes - DENIED
figs - DENIED
apricots - DENIED
potatoes (leave the skins on) - CHECK - without the skins. What am I, a rabbit?
broccoli - SOMETIMES, with soy sauce is best!
beets - DENIED
leafy green vegetables - MUCHO DENIED
whole-grain breads - CHECK
blackstrap molasses - WHAT?
iron-fortified cereals - CHECK - my Cinnamon.Toast.Crunch is iron fortified, baby!

And I think I found my real problem - too much calcium. Remember that hell fire heartburn I was talking about? Well I have been taking T.U.M.S. all day and all night. I was leery of taking an over the counter med. Plus T.U.M.S. have calcium which the baby needs, right? Well, according to Dr. S and

Calcium interferes with your body's ability to absorb iron. So if you're taking calcium supplements, or an antacid that contains calcium, don't take either one while you're eating iron-rich foods or at the same time as your iron supplement. For the same reason, don't take your supplement with milk, which is rich in calcium. Drink milk between meals, instead. The same goes for tea and coffee, which contain polyphenols that interfere with the absorption of iron from supplements and plant sources.

So between my T.U.M.S. addiction and my sweet tea addiction.... I have been blocking my own iron absorption! The tea will stay, but the T.U.M.S. are going. Doc said to take Prilo.sec. I have taken them since the appointment at night and I haven't had to wake up every 3 hours to pop a T.U.M.S!!!

3 nice things to say...:

Amy said...

Congrats on passing the beetus test!! That's awesome!

I'm starting to be addicted to TUMS...I'll have to keep the iron thing in mind!

Martha said...

That's great news about your blood glucose and iron deficiency is so common. Gosh, my OB/Gyn just prescribed some enteric Iron with a class of orange juice. (Calcium free of course). Vitamin C is also needed for iron absorption.
That's great news about the online shower. I will work on an invitation for us to post on our blogs and work out the details with you. Thanks so much!

Beautiful Mess said...

YAY for passing your test! What a relief! I love that you put "DENIED" on the foods you don't eat, reminds me of a toddler ;o)
Enjoy your day!

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