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Thursday, January 15, 2009


I've started having issues sleeping well through the night. Well for several reasons. One is that I am getting up to potty more and the other is I just can't get comfortable. I am a tummy sleeper and being 26 weeks pregnant...well, that just isn't an option anymore. I have been sleeping on my side using a pregnancy wedge pillow and when coming back from the bathroom, switching sides. Last week I had to start using a pillow between my knees because my hips were hurting. I couldn't get comfortable like that either. I tried small throw pillows, but couldn't sleep because I kept thinking it was falling out. Then I tried regular pillows but those seemed too big. I read in Baby.Trends and Baby.Bargains that you shouldn't spend $50 on a "maternity.pillow" when a regular body pillow will work just as good for about $40 cheaper.

So I bought one at Target the other night. That and a fuzzy giraffe looking print pillow case. Dean was like WHAT? We are not having animal print in the bedroom. Well, the furniture is black and the bedding is a brown and light brown with an accent wall in red...the only other colors of cases were pale blue and pale giraffe it is! I have slept so much better the past 2 nights with the giraffe - both under my belly and between my knees!

I'm making my mom a birthday cake tonight for her birthday tomorrow. Will post a pic when I'm done.

Happy Thursday Everyone!

**Got home late last night and forgot to take a belly shot. Will do tonight!**

4 nice things to say...:

Martha said...

I love it, a giraffe pillow, how cute. I am glad you are getting some rest. Happy Birthday to your mom!

BrandiH2007 said...

I bought 2 of the body pillows and love them! I keep one behind me so if I roll onto my back I'm propped up some.

So glad you're getting better sleep.

AJsMom said...

I have sworn by my body pillow for YEARS! LOVE it...

RAE said...

I too am a belly sleeper and had the same issue you were having....and like you can't live without my body pillow either!!! hehe

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