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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Growing Pains

At least that is what I think I had last night. Let me back up. We had dinner at Den.ny's last night. Of course I was feeling some pregnant cravings so I had the appetizer buffalo chicken strips and the appetizer bacon and cheese covered fries. Thus spicy and greasy food. Not good for my already sensitive and filled to the brim with stones - gall bladder.

About 30 minutes after we got home, I started having constant pain all across my upper abdomen - right near or under my ribs. When I was first holding the right side of it, Dean immediately said I shouldn't have eaten that stuff because now my gall bladder is acting up. I told him I would be SO PISSED if after 37 weeks of pregnancy, NOW would be the time it wanted to act up? When I'm already so big, it hurts to bend over?? But then the pain was in my lower back as well and I could NOT get comfortable. We were trying to watch a movie and I kept getting up off the couch and bending over the couch and laying down and walking laps in the living room...nothing would make it stop. This continued for about 2.5 hours. We didn't want to call the doctor just yet because the pain wasn't fitting into the description of Braxton.Hicks, pre-term labor, early labor, or labor-labor. Yes, we did have to bust out the What.To.Expect book to be sure. Nothing matched because the pain was constant and not coming and going as contractions should do.

I asked him to call the doctor and he said they weren't going to do anything for me so why call? Well, I can't get comfortable and the last paragraph of the labor chapter did say, "If you have any doubt, CALL." So he talked to the on-call doctor (not same on-call doc that prematurely had me thinking I had pre-e, thank goodness). She said basically that the baby is growing a whole lot right now and these are basically just late pregnancy pains. Take a warm bath and a couple of Tylenol. UGH.

So off to the bathroom we go for a bath at 11:30. That helped the pain until the water started cooling off. I was so tired and finally decided to try and go to sleep - HOW I have no idea as there were zero positions that I could get cozy in.

I ended up, upstairs in the guest bed because its not as squishy as our bed, and helped my back a little. I tossed and turned for a few more hours, but finally was able to go to sleep. Of course, this only lasted a few hours because then I had to pee! Luckily after that pee break, I slept all the way until morning. Morning - at 9:30 - when Dean came in to wake me and Maddie barked and tried to bite him for touching Mama! She is totally in protective mode now.

This morning we are pain free, thank goodness.

Oh but I have another story for the day - ugh and it's only 10:45 as I type. When I got up, there was a voicemail on my cell. Guess who? Remember this lady who was going to save the day? Yeah, it was from her. We had a meeting this afternoon to meet her and see her house where our baby would be taken care of....the message was this, "Hi Kim. It's Jen. I know we were supposed to meet today, but I didn't really get a good response from the ad I posted (remember she posted it on 3/9 and I was her first call last week) so I am going to have to look for something full time outside the home. Sorry, Thanks, and Good Luck."
WHAT THE HELL? Why are you waiting until the day we are supposed to meet to drop this on me? What we think happened is she talked it over with her husband and he said if you are only going to be keeping 1 kid, that's not enough money to cover us so you need a full time job. And I understand that, but her timing B.L.O.W.S.

So Dean has posted an ad on our neighborhood website and I just found a home based child care lady in the section across the street from us. Hopefully one of those will pan out...

The What-Are-We-Going-To-Do-When-Mom-Goes-Back-To-Work-Game is back on.

3 nice things to say...:

Martha said...

I am so sorry for the tummy/back pain and child care headaches.
Best Wishes for a good visit to this new child care and no more bellyaches except labor.

Beautiful Mess said...

I hope you get more sleep tonight. And the pain goes away. UHG sorry about your daycare gal. That's VERY stressful! Have a great day and good luck with the neighborhood ad.
P.S. got my socks yesterday *YAY*

On My Mind 24/7 said...

Sorry everything keeps falling through. My husband and I are getting into panic mode about that too, I have no idea what we are going to do. What a headache. I hope you feel lots better today!

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