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Friday, March 13, 2009


We had our Infant.CPR.and.Safety class last night. We are now educated in car seat installation, CPR, and choking - or rather how to releive choking I should say. It was definitely worth the time and money for this class. It was the shortest of the 3 that we took, but probably the most beneficial considering it could be applied to save Peanut's life!

Afterwards, we met S&J and Baby Andrew at Buffalo.Wild.Wings because, you know when Peanut wants wings, Peanut gets wings! (It's never because I want wings, it's always because "it's what the baby wants!") We hadn't got to visit with them in a while, so after dinner we went back to their house....until 1 AM! HOLY MOLY is this Baby Mama T.I.R.E.D. I felt like I got run over by a truck. Dean had a 7 AM con-call he had to get up for. Me, well I "work from home" too, but remember I don't have anything to do since my backup-to-be wants to "learn all the ropes" before I am really out on maternity leave and un-contactable (is that a word?). So I slept in - SSHHH - don't tell LaRay. Wait. Who am I kidding? She left last night to take the fam to Disney World for Spring Break. She'll never even know!

We have a pretty boring weekend ahead. Dean is taking his son to pick up a motorcycle he bought off of Craigs.list. It's a 1963 BSA - Sportstar or something like that. Not that I know what that means. Just that it's a small, light bike that is super cool according to our friend in the UK. It is currently not running, but the boy is eager to fix it up. I am excited too, because he has no other transportation right now and lives 15 miles away. Anytime we want to do anything with him, we have to go pick him up, usually just to bring him back to our house. Then after whatever we are doing, Dean takes him back again. I just hope he gets it running sooner than later!

After that, we plan on going to look for patio furniture. Dean built this awesome flagstone patio 3 years ago when we moved in. And then last year, we finished building this outdoor barbecue. Now we need to add some nice furniture to complete the ensemble. We had better do it now while we still have money leftover from my bonus at work. Oh - and I think I forgot to post what else we have already bought with it. Baby stuff? NAH. Mommy stuff? NAH. Daddy stuff? BUT OF COURSE!

Not ONE, but TWO 46" LCD HD TV's!! Here's a pic of the one in the game room, currently in front of my couch planted butt...

Actually, he has been wanting one of these TV's for a very long time and at Christmas I put a note in his stocking that he could use some of my bonus in March for a new TV. But TWO? REALLY? And you'll never guess where we got the grocery store! Our HEB is an HEB Plus. This just means it has more stuff than regular HEB's, but not as much as HEB Central Market (The granddaddy of all grocery stores). It has textiles, electronics, baby department. Anyway, they were clearing out their '08 models to make room for the '09s. We got the last 46" in a box and the display model. He was so happy to be rid of our 1990 TV's....not really 1990, but the old school box style. Hell - one was my TV from college!

What a loving wife I am to give my husband the money that I so desperately worked for (ok, the company worked for) to let him make such a grand purchase???? LOL

A little delayed, but here's the 34 week, 2 day belly pic. Please excuse the no bra and fishing pants that I am borrowing from the husband. None of my pajama pants will fit anymore!

4 nice things to say...:

Martha said...

Those pants are like nothing I have ever seen before, Wow, just Wow!
Baby wants wings, baby gets wings, good thinking.

Beautiful Mess said...

MMM wings! My husband would be drooling over those TV'S if I allowed him to look at them. But I'm a mean wifey, so i won't. He'll just have to live with the HUGE one we have in our front room. Have a GREAT weekend!

On My Mind 24/7 said...

Wow, 2 tvs, Dean is one lucky guy! And your belly is SO cute!

Anonymous said...

Wow, your hubby got the coolest baby shower gifts I've ever seen, lol! Definitely good to know all the life-saving stuff. Once my son started eating food, I swear I've done the baby Hiemlich (sp?) on him at least a dozen times!


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