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Monday, March 23, 2009

Update Round Up

Time for some all around updates...

The Sock-It-To-Me-Exchange is closing out. Last day to send out those cutie socks was on Saturday. I sent mine and can't wait for a picture to be posted on my recipient's blog! She's a reader of mine, so I hope you like them! I haven't received mine yet, but we haven't checked the mail I think.

ICLW has started. Actually it started on Saturday, so I have a lot of catching up to do. I just love ICLW. It brings new visitors to my neck of the woods and lets me read new blogs as well...Since I don't really have an "About Me" post to refer you new peeps to, I will steal the same idea that Nancy stole from Kym.... It's the ABC's of Me:

  • April is the month my baby is due.
  • Boy is what I think the gender is.
  • Chocolate is my favorite!
  • Dean is my husband's name. He's 23 years older than me, has a daughter 6 months younger than me, a son 4 years younger than me, and a 10 year old granddaugther!
  • Eggs make me puke - any way you cook them...except for deviled.
  • Foster kids are what I wanted if we hadn't gotten pregnant the last time.
  • Grammy and Grampy can't wait to hold their first grandkid!
  • Home is where I love. Since working from home the past 3 weeks, I have realized how much I really love our home and how little time I spent here before.
  • Ice cream and orange cream slushes from Sonic are what I have been craving.
  • January is the month that has the most birthdays in my family.
  • KimboSue is a nickname my friend gave me when we were freshmen and it has stuck with me ever since.
  • Love - overwhelming love is what I feel already for this baby.
  • Mashed potatoes with BROWN gravy - MMM, MMM!
  • None of my close friends (except for 1) have babies or kids.
  • OctoMom pisses me the f*ck off.
  • Peanut is what we have been calling our growing bun in the oven since we haven't found out the gender.
  • Quinn is the name of an old friend's new baby girl.
  • Rodeo is something I volunteer for. I'm on the sign shop committee. We make all the signs for the rodeo - exit here, buy beer tickets here, no minors, etc.
  • Soon, in just 4 -1/2 short weeks (maybe more, maybe less) we will have ourselves a real live baby in this house!
  • Trumpet is the horn that Deano plays. He used to play professionally. He has "retired" several times, but his friends keep asking him back!
  • Uterus is Dean's new favorite word to say.
  • Vagina is a word that I wish I could pretend didn't exist. It is so WEIRD.
  • WalMart is awesome for a baby registry - no receipt to return something? No problem - here's some store credit. SWEET!
  • Xrays of my teeth will be needed after I have this baby.
  • Yogurty-caramel dip with apples is my new morning snack!
  • Zebra is the Little People animal my friend Steph always calls "Giraffe" when playing with it and Andrew! He will forever get them confused! :0)

Friday afternoon Grandma had a small stroke. The term they used was TIA stroke. I have been scared to Go.ogle it, so maybe Martha RN can fill me in? The doctors said that she would come out of it within 24 hours. 24 hours was over Saturday morning, 11 AM. So far there has been no progress. They have her on oxygen with a continuous care nurse by her side 24x7 in the event she comes to. Other than that, its pretty much like she is just sleeping all the time. She does move a little and rubs her face or scratches her arm sometimes. She has opened her eyes a couple of times, but not really focusing on anyone in the room (she's been at an Alzheimer's/Dementia facility since 10/06) and the nurse said if she puts the flashlight in her eyes that her eyes are not dialating as they should be. So all we can do is visit and rub her arms or face and talk to her. However, it does appear that she can hear what we are saying. Yesterday morning the nurse told her she was going to suction her mouth and throat out for her and she promptly snapped her mouth shut. Apparently she doesn't like this. I wouldn't either - I saw it done on Grandpa - and no thank you. Please everyone keep Grandma in your prayers and pray that she wakes up out of this state so we can start having our funny little conversations again...

My sleep was better last night - finally. I think the bed was the culprit. We have one of those mattresses that looks like a regular mattress, but actually is a waterbed inside. I told Dean we needed more water in it - to make it firmer. Apparently my fat pregnant ass was so heavy, it was sinking during the night and since I have to sleep on my sides, that is what was causing my hips to hurt so much. So last night was MUCH better and I only had to pee 3 times. A little relief anyway!

There's a banner at the top of this page for ExpectNet - it's the Baby Artall Guessing Game. Time is quickly running out fellas. I'm closing the game on April 1st, so get your guesses in now. There will be an actual prize (I should probably get working on said prize now, you know, before Peanut shows up and takes up all my time!) for the winner. Right now, girl votes outnumber the boy votes!

Thanks for taking the time to read all of this, especially if you're here from ICLW!

11 nice things to say...:

Martha said...

My sincere prayers to your Grandma and the family.
TIA = transient ischemic attack which is a short term blockage of blood flow and oxygen to the brain. I'm so sorry and sad that you have this added stress.
Great Get to Know Kimbo post.

Flower said...

Sorry about your Grandma...your family are in our prayers.

Congrats on your pregnancy. You are about due. I love the nursery.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your Grandmother, Kim.

My mother went through several TIA's so I know how scary they can be.

I know it is difficult but you need to stop worrying about this and let God be God.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I kid you not.

The very next blog post I read after yours was this one,

It just seemed to be apropos to your post that I had to come back and link you to it.

Jo said...

I hope your Grandma recovers quickly. My husband had a VERY minor TIA last fall -- it was very scary, but he recovered quickly and is fine now. Still, the word "stroke" has such horrible connotations to it! I hope your family is all healthy to enjoy the new arrival coming soon.


Beautiful Mess said...

Your grandma is in my prayers, hon. I'm so sorry!
Glad you got some sleep! Great intro, too.

Lori said...

Thanks for the ICLW briefing.

My best wishes to your grandma for her recovery. I hope abilities return to her quickly.

And congrats on all the happy baby stuff going on here. May you have an easy and smooth time bringing your baby into the world, KimboSue.

PJ said...

Keeping grandma in my prayers.

Potatos are my favorite food group. Pretty much any way you make 'em! I do love them with gravy.

Other fave food group is sweet tea, of course. :)

~ Katie ~ said...

So sorry to hear about your grandma. Thank you for stopping by the ol'blog for my 1st ICLW. I was afraid noone would get to me since I"m at the bottom of the list. :)

just me said...

Kimbo- so glad that your grandma is doing better. I am hoping that you received your socks for "sock it to me" Because I sent them long ago (i think march 18)...if you didn't, let me know....i will be so bummed.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the informative information - I enjoyed reading it! I always enjoy this blog. :) Cheers,

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