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Monday, March 2, 2009

Homebound Day #5

Here I am, in the recliner, on Day #5 of resting. I have the TV, laptop, phone, water, BP cuff, and Maddie all within my reach.

Saturday was our Fast Track AKA 8 hours long child birthing class. It was ok. The teacher was nice and educated. We did learn a lot of information and see a lot of videos. Dean could have gone without the delivery of the placenta, but hey - it's all part of the process, you know? HA. The hospital I will be delivering in has recently built a new wing - which we got to tour. Apparently by April, all of their rooms will be Private (no more sharing with some other mother) and L&D and Post Partum will all be in the new wing. That is awesome! The other side of the hospital is a little bit more antiquated. They are trying to keep up with all of the other hospitals in the area. The instructor had asked if I wanted a wheelchair for the tour. I said no, that I would be fine. But near the end, my cheeks were flushed (Dean says this is always an indication of my BP going up). So when we got back to the classroom, I had to lay down on a mat with my pillows while everyone else was in chairs. I felt like the slow kid in the class. :0(

That did me in and I fell asleep while watching a movie after dinner.

Sunday I had big plans to remove the tags off of the remainder of the washables and get a laundry pile ready for somebody. All I did was come upstairs, get some stuff out of the closet, something out of the dresser, and then sit on the floor to cut the tags off. Dean came up to see how I was doing and my face was flushed again. He told me to quit so we went downstairs. It was almost 1:00 so I wanted to take a shower and he told me no. I started crying. All I wanted to do was get my baby's stuff organized and take a shower and I couldn't even do that. He had some errands to run at the grocery and hardware stores, so he left me on the couch and said not to get up. I cried the entire time he was gone. Its just so hard. I know there is so much to get done in the baby's room and I can't do a damn thing without getting flushed.

I just know in my heart that Peanut is going to want to come early and I won't have anything ready. What a terrible Mom to not even have an outfit ready for him to come home in! There are some things that need to be exchanged for some things we really need...and the nursery needs to be organized. Right now all the non-washable things like pacifiers, bottles, car stuff, etc. are just sitting in baskets on the dresser.

Luckily, the grandparents came over yesterday and Grammy washed the clothes, blankets and bath stuff. Some of it got put away, but some still needs to be put up as it came out of the dryer after she left. Then Dean and Grampy put together the stroller frame, pack-n-play, swing, and bouncy seat. I feel a little bit of relief. But I would still feel better if the room in general was prepared...

I know this ended up being a whining and complaining post and I know that all of this resting is for the betterment of Peanut. And that's all that matters in the end, right? No matter how many weeks I have to stay at home and/or in bed, that's one less stressful week that Peanut has to fight to live outside the womb. Everything is about the baby.


9 nice things to say...:

AJs_Dad said...

May I remind you that you ARE doing something. You are growing a human being. That is hard work.

Now hush and let people help you while you complete your job. ;)

If you keep it up I'll send Mama LaRay over there WITH Cindy.

LaRay said...

You take care of yourself! That baby will be just fine if there are still things sitting on top of the dresser. Use Dean to help you get stuff done. You don't have to do it all SuperWoman!!

I agree with James, your job right now is to grow that baby!

Amy said...

If I was anywhere NEAR Texas, I'd offer to come help...

Things will fall into place, don't worry too much about the "things" that aren't in their place.

Sending you love and hugs!

BrandiH2007 said...

Sending you ((BIG HUGS)). Maybe you can sit in a chair in the room and tell Dean everything that needs to go where. That way it's organized the way you want and you don't have to do any more than you are doing right now. The key is not letting the fact that he's physically doing stress you out. You need to find it relaxing that it's getting done.

Martha said...

You are never whiny or complaining. I'm sorry for this added stress. Sending my best, thinking of you all.

Kymberli said...

(((Big hugs))) It sounds like you have a wonderfully supportive extended family. They're such a blessing!

I saw a comment of yours over on Beautiful Mess' blog - I'm ordering my socks online! There are lots of places online where you can purchase fun socks for cheap prices! It might break the monotony of the bed rest a little bit! :)

Beautiful Mess said...

Hang in there sweetie! you ARE doing your job, even though you're looking around and see so much more that needs to be done. Do your best to just relax and take care of Peanut and YOU.
P.S. You are NOT being whinny or complaining. Bed rest is tough on the mind.

RAE said...

Hey Sweetie!!!!
Peanuts not gonna care one way or the other!! My kids outfits were way too big, but their hospital pics are still cute as heck!!! YOU RESTING is all YOU need to do, give HER as much time as she needs to get ready by relaxing and just letting him develop :)

AJsMom said...

Do NOT make me have to come over there and scare you with stories of what could be if you don't keep your butt parked quietly! From what I saw, everything necessary is taken care of - the baby has somewhere to sleep, a car seat to ride home in, blankets to wrap up in, and diapers. Everything else is just gravy. You will have time to do a lot of that stuff when the baby comes home and is sleeping.

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