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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Thanks and Pics

  • First of all, I would to again thank April, Loretta, Steph, and Martha for coming to my virtual e-shower this past weekend! Martha really did a bang up job of planning the shower for my blog friends! I received a "baby shower in a box" complete with a decoration and matching napkins. It had several gifts for Peanut, even one for Maddie! There were favors of See's chocolates, magnetic picture frame, and a reusable Disney shopping bag! Peanut's gifts included several baby books and a onesie that says "I HEART Mommy." Dean got a box of See's chocolate cigars to pass out when Peanut arrives. It was very great to "hear" everyone on the phone and get some great baby/child raising advice. Dean and I appreciate all of you!
  • My last biweekly appointment is next week, but Dr. S had me come into the office yesterday just for a BP check and a pee test. Initial BP check was 134/84. After a 10 minute rest, it was 118/64. Pee test showed no protein. YAHOO
  • And now for a few pics from Shower #2 (e-shower pics are still being held captive on Steph's camera).
This is me in my "Don't Touch My Belly" shirt I wore at the shower. This is right before we were "allowed" into the living room where everyone was. It was like the big reveal of the Mr. and Mrs!

This is a cute idea my friend SI made. It's a piece of fabric with a Zero in the middle of it. Everyone signed it like you would a guest book. She said as Peanut grows up, she is going to bring one of these to each birthday party and have everyone sign them. At some point, she's going to sew them all together to make a baby blanket. How thoughtful this was!

These are my girls...Laura, Tammy, Fatso, Shayla, and Steph.

This was Dean opening his present from me - Daddy's Tool Bag AKA Daddy's diaper bag!

This is a homemade blanket my sister-in-law made for Peanut. It has several animals on it made of touchy-feely fabrics for Baby Peanut!

10 nice things to say...:

Martha said...

The pleasure was all mine, I'm so glad you liked the things I picked out for Peanut. You look absolutely beautiful!! That tshirt is hilarious.

Nic said...

I love the t-shirt!

Nic said...

I love the t-shirt!

Amy said...

Hey Kim...sorry I couldn't make it to the e-shower...though I was thinking of you! How do the sizes run for the shirts? You had sent me the web address and I want to order one...but don't know how the sizes run. Appreciate your feedback!

Martha said...

I forgot to say, Yeah for No Protein!!!

Ashley said...

Aww- that sounds like you had tons of fun!! I love the shirt!!

Beautiful Mess said...

I love that shirt! The blanket idea is great too!

KimboSue said...

Amy - I think they run a little small. I got an XL and have DD boobs. After I washed it, it seemed a little tight. I would definitely get a size up from the one you would normally get!

On My Mind 24/7 said...

Very cute shirt! Glad your showers were fun. That is a great idea to have the daddy's diaper bag be a tool bag, very manly!

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures!! I LOVE the blanket!! How cute!

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