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Thursday, June 4, 2009

2 Month Checkup

My baby boy had his 2 month checkup today. Technically he isn't 2 months old yet, but almost - 7 weeks tomorrow. He got shots for Hepatitis.B, po.lio, pneu.mococcal.disease, dip.htheria, tet.anus, pert.ussis, rota.virus, and Hi.b. Miles cried so hard and loud it made Mommy cry!

Dr. W said he is doing great and growing right on target. He says we can let him sleep through the night if we want and if Miles is okay with it. Before he's 4 months old, we still have to feed him if he wakes up to eat, but other than that, he can sleep the night away. WHOOHOO! I already think he will do that without an issue since he's been sleeping 4-5 hours already and that's with us waking him. He's only woke up at night on his own like 3 times since he came home!

I also had a question about him spitting up - out of his nose?! He hardly ever spits up, but sometimes when he does it comes out of his nose and is just disturbing to me. It looks gross and like it may hurt because its thicker than regular snot. Dr. W said that sometimes it is just so forceful that it comes out the nose instead of the mouth - no problem though - totally normal. Mr. Miles is smiling so much more at us now. It is too cute! He responds to tickling of his feet and when we make awesome adult sounds like "coochie coochie coo!"

And now on to the statistics!

* Height: 22.25 inches - 50th percentile
* Weight: 9 lbs 15.5 inches - 25-50th percentile
*Head: 15 inches - 25th percentile

This is the little booger with his first even bandaids.

And after the shots...he was/is out like a light.

7 nice things to say...:

PJ said...

He's so sweet!

Martha said...

Your poor thing, crying over Miles' shots. He looks so cute and you look so happy.

Beautiful Mess said...

It's so sad when they cry like that! Poor Miles and poor you! Glad he's doing good though! YAY for sleeping through the night!

nikki said...

He is too freaking cute. Sleeping through the night is an awesome thing!

AJsMom said...

Even at almost 5 years old, I hate going in with AJ when he gets a blood draw or a shot. It just rips me apart; especially now that he can recognize what is about to happen and starts pleading to make it stop...see what you have to loof forward to?

Mel said...

Happy 2 months!!
L had spit up run out her nose a lot. It's chilled out recently, but was totally fine. Poor babies!

Delenn said...

Wow--2 months goes by so fast! Look at him growing!

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