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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hooters, Buggys, Bumbos

Not too much time to type here...can you guess why? Cuz it's almost PUMPING TIME! (And do NOT feel free to insert loud cow noises here - AHEM AJ'S MOM!!!)

I fed Mr. Miles last night at 9 and he fell asleep on my chest shortly after. I was waiting for Daddy to get home before actually putting him in the bed so he could at least see him for a minute. Dean had a trumpet.gig last night in Galve.ston and didn't get home until almost 10:45. About 10:15 I called to get his status and he was still too far away. We finally went to bed. I should have done what I was telling myself to do and that was go to bed as soon as Miles fell asleep at 9:30. 4:30AM was too much today. I have taught myself to not use the snooze button because I can do it so easily in my sleep that I don't even realize I do it and end up doing it 7 times in a row! So this morning I just turned it off....and slept for 15 more minutes. Remember I said I get up at the last possible minute? I needed those extra minutes. So no leg shaving for me today. I had to race to the pump! And eat breakfast in the car. Lovely.

And to the nursing comments yesterday....I have a nursing smock but it must be made out of 5000% polyester because it is hot as hell. One time I put my head under it with Miles and couldn't breathe myself so I quit using it. I didn't want him sweating under there. And I don't think I could swing nursing in a grocery store. That is too weird for me - walking around with it hanging out??? Sitting in a crowd was my max I think.

Thanks for the Hooter.Hider offer Nikki. My address is coming at you shortly. I gotta try it out, plus the name is hilarious! I can't wait for someone to ask - what is that? HOOTER.HIDER!! HAHAHAHA!

Speaking of funny product names...Buggy.Bagg. I ordered this one in the Stripes pattern today. I held off on getting a cart cover until I found one I really liked and that I knew fit my fav grocery store's carts. I saw one of these last week and LOVED IT! The mommy told me you could get it online only - I found some local retailers here that sell them but they are not conveniently located to me. Laziness = shipping, but I digress... Not only does it cover the super wide carts all the way - front to back and side to side - it also has a "diaper bag'ish" zippered bag on the backside to store diapers and toys in addition to toy loops and cup holders. No additional diaper bag to tote in. It works on high chairs too. And as a bonus, you can actually put it on the cart one handed while holding bouncing baby boy (or girl) in the other. There are step by step instructions with pictures on the website!

And here is the bouncing baby boy in his bumbo for the first time....(Shout out to the 'Stros behind him LOL)

4 nice things to say...:

Martha said...

He is so cute!! Polyester? ugh. I hope you catch up on your sleep.

Beautiful Mess said...

Awww he looks so adorable in the seat! I can't believe I forgot about the Hooter Hider! My SIL had one and she LOVED it! She is a very modest gal and the thought of nursing while grocery shopping didn't appeal to her either. It's such a personal comfort zone type of thing. I'm not modest even a LITTLE bit, so I was good. I hope you like it and it works for ya!

nikki said...

Do you have the try for the bumbo? Those rock. Makes toys easy to reach out and grab.

(He is so cute. Seriously.)

Stacey Queen said...

He looks so cute in his bumbo! I love ours, we use it all the time. I haven't used one of my cart covers yet, but the time is almost here for it!

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