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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Bras and Books

Just a few pictures to humor you...

* When I was feeding Miles a while ago, he pulled off after a few minutes (like he usually does - I guess he needs a break or something) the milk was still streaming out. Like a straight shot towards his face. If he turned it would have been in his eye! Reminded me of this...

* I received my G cup in the mail today. I thought about what sex.toy.packages must look like because instead of the return address saying Bigger.Bras. - you know the name of the says this.... BGB: code name for Bigger.Bras?

* And speaking of said she is in all her glory. I picked this one (sorry James you may want to skip this section) because when you open the booby.flap, it has a support all the way around the boob instead of just on the bottom. HOWEVER....the picture on the website did NOT, I repeat DID NOT have all this lacy frilly PINK RIBBON all over it! Not only is there a retardo bow in the middle of the boobies, but one on each side with an extra loopy loop. BLECH. This is so not my style of bra, but I guess if it serves its purpose, it's all good, right? Oh and did I mention that it was $60? $60 for a lacy, old lady, pink ribbon nursing bra. Really?? Actually, I wanted 2, but I wasn't going to spend over $100 on a bra I didn't know I we will see. Maybe my dresser will be adorned with 2 of these beauties here shortly....

* Here's a cake I made last week for S's birthday. It's the first cake I've made since Little Man has arrived. It only took me 3 days between diaper changes and feedings. That's not entirely why....the royal.icing flowers take a day or 2 to dry before you can put them on.

* Here's a side view.

* And finally a present for Miles from Grammy and Grampy. A personalized book. It has lots of fun hands on a zipper as a gator's mouth and when you open it, you can pull out his tongue, a turtle's shell that snaps on and off to reveal his heart, ribbons to tie on a giraffe's neck... My sister's friend makes them. Mom saw one of them at Easter and ordered it right away...the delay was knowing what name to have embroidered on the front. Dad told me she actually called the girl from the hospital to tell her Miles' name. She couldn't WAIT to give it to him! Thanks Grammy!

4 nice things to say...:

Martha said...

I love the baby book. The milk stream brings back memories of feeling like a dairy cow. I remember getting excused from jury duty when I was nursing because I was a "food source".
Miles is so beautiful, thanks for the pics.

Stacey Queen said...

Oh, that book is fabulous! WOW...he is sleeping well, Coy still doesn't sleep through the night! Way to go!

LaRay said...

I SO told you that's you'd be ordering your bras from there. and, trust me, there are not any pretty bras in a G cup!

love the book - that's adorable.

Anonymous said...

Nice looking cake!

The book is awesome!!

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