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Thursday, June 25, 2009

How You Find Me

So that FEEDJIT thingy over on the right shows the location of people coming to my bloggy. It also shows how you got here i.e. a web search or direct link or whatever. I just browsed the past 48 hours worth of logs. Most of you come to me directly - probably a bookmark/favorite or from your reader. However some of you find me by searching for things.

Such as...

  • - OK
  • bloglines - OK
  • cyclesista - OK
  • Life and Times of Kimbosue - OK
  • 1st Dentist - weird, but OK - took you to my post about my first post-baby dental appt
  • Miles.Monroe - how do you know my baby's name? Unless you think it is super duper awesome and you are trying to see if there are any other super duper babies out there already by this name. And if so, then you found him so step off the name bitch.
  • metallic taste in mouth 5dpiui - I remember posting about this symptom and am guessing you have it too and looking for other weirdos IUI'ers that had it.
  • IUI protocol - I did the same, so I get this one.
  • Kimberly (Insert Middle Name) (Insert Maiden Name) (Insert Married Name) Blog - WHAT? how do you know all my bidness and why do you think you can find me on the WWW with my entire name for all to see? I didn't think you could find me this way. So I just Googled the same and guess where it took me? STRAIGHT HERE. How you ask? Because I am a DUMBASS that's why. I put my badge on this page! FB has my entire name!!! That is my entire name (minus my middle so whoever you are in La Porte, TX - you really do know me) And bein's (that's Dean's fav word) that I don't have El Bloggy listed as my "website" in FB, I can't be having these 2 things tied to each other. There are some FB peeps that I don't want reading about my bidness - real bidness or lady bidness (thanks Jennepper for the term!). Hell some of those peeps are family and don't even know about El Bloggy.... (Hence FB badge - DONE)

which leads me to that whole going private thing I talked about the other day. The people I was concerned about reading me don't give 2 shits about what's going on in my life...(OBVIOUSLY or they would have answered my inquiry as to if they are reading me or not )well maybe they do give 2 shits, but not enough to read about it without me offering up the information directly. You know because I am not posting about THEM therefore they don't want to read about ME.


So now I will feel free to rant and rave about whoever whenever I feel like it. I don't right now because I vented to some friends and got what prompted that private speech off my chest already. But believe you me, I have enough drama in my life that I know there will be something real juicy coming soon!

P.S. My people search for mostly "normal" things to find me. Check out some of the crazy things people search for and find Nikki! She is loads of laughs - caution - her favorite word begins with F...

3 nice things to say...:

Martha said...

Dang, girl, I don't folks knowing my bidness either!!

Anonymous said...

I've learned. If I don't want anyone to know then I don't post it on the internet!!! As you see you'd be surprised how people get to your blog!! lol

Beautiful Mess said...

The WWW isn't as wide as we had hoped, I guess. Sheesh!
I love your new flashy things, very nice!

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