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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sleeping All Night?!

So I have been told that I have an awesome baby...not that I didn't already know this! But compared to other babies his age, he is doing extremely well. Since Day 1, we haven't been woken up every 2 hours (or even every 5) at night. We always had to wake him up to eat. The peditrician said the other day, now that he has gained enough weight that we don't even have to do that anymore and if he gets hungry, he can wake us up - at least until he is about 4 months old.... But for the past 4 nights, he has slept 8-9 hours straight through the night!! We were so excited about this! Especially me, since I haven't been able to do this in about the past 5 months due to my killer heartburn while pregnant, and then getting up to feed him. I have heard this is a miracle at his age and every night it has happened, I have crossed my fingers that it will happen the next night and so far it has. I hope I just didn't jinx myself for tonight though!!!

Can you believe Mr. Miles is 2 months old already! I need to take him to Penney's for his 2 month pics! He has quite the 2nd month...

  • 1st real smiles
  • talking/cooing
  • holding head up for minutes at a time
  • 1st camping trip
  • 1st boat ride
  • 1st concert
  • 1st Astros game
  • 1st Mother's Day
  • 1st swim
  • Moved into size 1 diapers
  • grabbing onto toys and our shirts

On another note.... I have been thinking of going private on this blog. I have a lot of stuff I would like to get off my chest from time to time, but don't want to hurt anyone's feelings who may or may not be reading me. When I first started this blog, it was to keep everyone up to date on our infertility journey. I sent an email out to everyone I knew IRL - well at least those friends and family who didn't mind reading out my eggies and ovulation cycles - but now I'm not sure who remains. I know I have several "followers" who subscribe to my blog, but most of those internets are bloggy friends, who I wouldn't be speaking of during said rants or bitch sessions I need to be having....Without having to send out an email to all of the IRL people asking if you are still reading...which would in turn only make them want to START reading if they aren't currently...could you leave me a comment if you are still reading and I know you in real life? Also, for those internets who would be interested in continuing to read me if I do go private, could you leave me a comment as well?

Also, if any of you are private yourselves, can you still participate in Mel's ICLW? Or does requiring a password prohibit people from coming to you?

And finally...those always precious pics....

I couldn't wait for him to be able to wear this!

Miles' older 1 day.

Please ignore the ginormous milk machines oozing out of this bathing suit...

15 nice things to say...:

Alyssa said...

I read your blog whenever it's updated. I found your blog from other pregnancy blogs, and enjoy reading your updates. If you don't mind inviting me to read your private blog, I'd be happy to continue reading!

BrandiH2007 said...

I would definitely like to continue reading your blog!

I don't think ICLW works when you are private as they won't have permission to access your blog. But I do believe you can limit access to other blog owners rather than totally private. I guess that depends on if your IRL friends have blogs.

Love the pics too!

nikki said...

Keep me in the loop please!

(I can't believe how long Miles is already! I think he's longer than Sophia!)

Anonymous said...

I'd love to keep reading! :)

Isn't sleeping through the night pure bliss? Sounds like Miles and B are on the same sleeping curve! I love it! :)

Martha said...

Adorable pictures, Miles is so beautiful, you look Wonderful!!
I would follow you if you go private, whatever works for you.
My kids didn't sleep through the night until they were 2+years old, so I am in AWE of Miles.

Beautiful Mess said...

I love this onsie! I'm so glad he's gotten to wear it. Too fun! Happy 2 month birthday, miles. If you do go private, I'd like to stay in the loop ;o) I have a different email address for my blog, then what you have. So I'll give you that email, if you go private. Great pictures, too!

Anonymous said...

Steph said..... I am a real life friend & like to read the blog, especially when I don't see you guys for a whole week. You can vent about me. I can take it & I promise not to get my feelings hurt.

PJ said...

Love the Dean and Kim T-shirt! Too cute!

Delenn said...

No way--it can't be 2 months already!! You are lucky with the sleeping--although be ready for those growth spurts--they can create a mess with sleep patterns.

On My Mind 24/7 said...

I'll keep reading! I wish I could get that much sleep!

LaRay said...

You know I'm still reading! Love the Asros pic! Miles is a good baby who knows Mommy has to go back to work soon, so he's sleeping for you!

Stacey Queen said...

I read each time there is an update. So keep me in the loop if you can. That is SO wonderful that miles is sleeping through the night. Coy still gets up between 2-3 for a few ounces and then around 5-6 for a full bottle and cereal, but both times goes right back to sleep. I can't wait until he makes it all night! The astros picture is great. I love the onesie too!

Katrinia Bennett said...

This is Katrinia and I still read your blog from time to time. Miles is such a cutie. I just found out I am pregnant after taking clomid, so I am excited about upcoming mommyhood myself. But, I am sure you remember that I am not the greatest at this whole computer thing, so please keep me in the loop if you go private.

Leah said...

Please keep me in the loop. It's fun to watch Miles' development especially since my little man is only 5 weeks behind.

Amy said...

I still follow your blog...when Lexi isn't keeping me crazy busy that is! I should have more time to read and update when I go back to work in 2 weeks! YIKES!!

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