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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Back to Work, Back to Pump

So the 1st day wasn't TOO bad. I cried a little and was sad, missing him mostly. This pumping thing all day is for the B.I.R.D.S.! It seems like just when I get settled in at my desk, doing, I don't know, WORK, I have to leave again! Like I just went at 8:00 and now I go at 11:00. I can understand why women quit BF'ing so soon as the pump starts pissing you off, you pump less, which decreases your supply, which leaves no milk for baby, which turns to formula. Ah, but I digress. My goal has always been to stick it out for 6 months minimum, so that is what I am still aiming for. I CAN DO IT, I CAN DO IT, I CAN DO IT!

Yesterday I was longing for an actual feeding with Miles - not The Pretend Miles Machine - but when I picked him up yesterday afternoon around 5:15, the sitter said she had just fed him at 4! UGH - I had pumped at 2, so that meant I had to pump yet again at home. And good damn thing I brought it home with me. I was going to leave it at work so I didn't have to lug it back, but thought that just MAYBE I might need it if he wasn't hungry or something. Then we had dinner with a work friend at Grin.go's. 3 margaritas later (them, not me. I only had 1-1/2) Mr. Miles was hungry. It is hot as blue blazes around these southern parts lately so I really didn't want to go feed him in the truck. These boys convinced me to do it AND I DID! WHAT??? Yes, me...Mrs. Modesty herself busted out the milk machines in the restaurant. It was a tad bit better than doing it in the restroom, right? (Icky nasty germs EVERYWHERE) And we were sitting in a booth in the bar so I was able to turn towards the wall and cover with a blanket so there wasn't anything showing. But STILL!! All I could imagine was an image that J had told me about. He said there was a lady in his bar BF'ing also - one hand on the boob and the other holding a daiquiri!!! That was me...almost. EEEK. What has becoming a mom done to me? :-) I am doing all kinds of crazy things!

I am still on our van pool and since we are on our summer 9/80 schedule, the van leaves the lot at 6:05 AM- which was hella early for me pre-baby. Now I have to feed or pump before I leave the house which means getting up earlier (I was getting up at the absolute last minute I had exactly enough time to shit, shower, and shave to make it on time!). So now I am getting up at 4:30 AM - holy crap that is so early - before the sun, before the rooster even! I have gone to bed around 10:30 these past 2 nights and let me tell you sisters (and 1 brother - what up J.Y.) 6 hours of sleep ain't cuttin' it for me. Somehow I am going to have to give up my 9:00 shows/not stay out so late/not get on the internet so I can get to bed earlier...maybe like 9:30. I think 7 hours should work for me. Because right now...I need a nap.

But's time to pump again!!!

6 nice things to say...:

Martha said...

Best Wishes for getting a good schedule, you can do it, you can do it!! Tell you sitter to just give him a little feeding before you pick him up.
I had a nursing smock for restaurant feedings, worked great.

Beautiful Mess said...

Go you, nursing at the restaurant! I became such a pro with Zilla who had to have the breast all. the. time, that I could one-arm it. I'd attach him and hold him while he ate and go along with my business. Even grocery shopping. It really wasn't that difficult. Although, when someone wanted to see him, I'd have to say he was nursing so they wouldn't take off the

Have a GREAT day at work and good luck with pumping. It's hard, I hated it!

BrandiH2007 said...

I'm with you on the pumping at work SUCKS trian. And I have to pump every 2 hours right now to get my supply up. When it takes 30 min for the whole process I only work an hour and a half at a time.

I hope you are able to get more sleep. I'm with you there too, bed at 10 if I'm lucky and up at 5.

AJsMom said...

I only have one word...MOO!

Stacey Queen said...

Good luck with the pumping, you can do it. I'm with you on the sleeping, we try to get in bed by 10...I dont have to get up so early for, but I'm up feeding 10 has been the best bed time for us. But hang in there it will get better and you will get used to no sleep. :)

nikki said...

Get thee a Hooter Hider. Much easier than a blanket. Or email me your address and I will mail you mine since my nursing days are over with.

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