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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

iPhone Awesomeness & Truck Suckiness

I can't believe I haven't blogged about my new super-duper-awesome-better-than-chocolate & wine-iphone! I have had it for a couple weeks now and LUUUUV it! Dean and I have been on seperate cell providers ever since we have been together. We finally used our pea brains and decided it would be cheaper to get on ATT on a family plan, share minutes, and talk to each other for free! And what better to do so with, than with an iphone. Holy moly this thing rocks!

I would always make fun of iphone owners calling them fancy phones and why do you need a fancy phone and its just a phone and such. But DUDE you don't need any other gadget other than this. It has a phone (duh), texting, calendar, contacts (like with addresses and such), and LOADS of applications you can get from the Like crazy things I am obsessed with like: mahjong, grocery lists, ebay, craigslist, woot, wine journal, weather, waterslide, tip calculator...the list goes on, and on, and on!

Oh and I forgot the coupon app! Seriously - it uses GPS to get your location, then finds all the coupons for stores near you. You pull up the coupon on the phone and it says "Show to cashier." They supposedly can scan the UPC FROM.THE.PHONE! WHAT! Could this be any greener? No paper coupons? Super duper awesomeness! I tried it last week at Michael's. The scanner wouldn't read it, but she keyed in the number from the phone - what's up 50% off of my new fondant letter cutter outers -seen in action here.

**Updated to add: Coupon app is called mobiQpons!***

Miles is having a playdate with our neighbor Avery today. The sitter needed the day off so Avery's Grandma has offered to keep Miles today - just for a few hours. Daddy will get him after lunch. I hope he has fun! She likes to give him stuff like bottles and blankets. Such the helper!

Actually the sitter being off couldn't have been on a better day. Our Trailblazer decided on Sunday to only blow air out of the a/c vents on our FEET. Really...when you get into a 125 degree vehicle and its 100 degrees outside, your FEET are the last body part you need cooled off immediately! It did this about a month or so ago, but the next day was working again. This time, not so much. By the time I got home from the vanpool lot and getting Miles on Monday, I was drenched! But damn my feet were freezing! Dean dropped it off yesterday at the dealership and they shuttled him home. (Rental car not available unless they keep it for more than 2 days - UGH) Not sure if you remember or not, but our other vehicle....not so suited for baby nor for mom, dad plus baby. It's a 350Z - that's a 2 seater car, no back seat.

About a month or so ago, we had an air bag switch installed (apparently only vehicles made after 2005 (Zoe is '04) have the auto switch to turn it on or off based on body weight). Its the same switch and company used by police departments. They have to turn the passenger air bags off to prevent them from deploying and busting up all their computer equipment in the seat. I digress....we had it installed for times such as these - emergencies only. So the dealership shuttled him home and he picked up Miles in the Z. I was WAY nervous, but thankfully she lives in our neighborhood so there were no major roads involved.

So thankfully the sitter is off today so we don't have to put him in it again -he just got walked across the street. The truck was supposed to be ready this afternoon. But Dean just got an email from his old work phone (Voice over IP) with a message from the dealership that the truck is ready.....left at 4:55 PM YESTERDAY. UGH - we could have avoided that whole scenario! How annoying. We left them current numbers so I guess they just didn't look at the paperwork and only looked up the account in the computer to come up with a number he hasn't used in 2 years! Also thankfully the part to be replaced was covered by our warranty so we only had a $100 deductible! SWEET!

Now it's time for some internet opinions, but first some background.....

  • The Z is paid off.
  • The Z only has 2 seats.
  • The Z is not really baby friendly - only for emergencies.
  • I ride a vanpool to work so only drive to a parking lot 1 mile from home.
  • Dean drops off Miles in the truck, then drops the truck off in the vanpool lot and takes the Z home.
  • I drive truck to pick Miles up (I pass sitter's house on way home).

Other than the car switcheroo Dean plays every day, there are really no negatives to the current situation....besides during the rare occasion that the truck is in the shop and/or unavailable - like if Daddy takes it to pull the boat.

  • Do you think we need to buy a 3rd vehicle?
  • Or would you trade in the Z - EVEN.THOUGH.IT'S.PAID.FOR.AND.MOMMY.HEARTS.HER- and get another baby friendly-mobile?

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19 nice things to say...:

Alyssa said...

Whats the coupon app called?
PS. I too love my iphone :)

KimboSue said...

mobiQpons is the coupon app!

Rae said...

Main you plan on more babies?
If yes, then I would trade in.
If no, then a 3rd car should work :)

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