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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Milk = Milk?

Who da thunk it....I have been having some milk supply issues lately. As in, not enough for Porky Miles. He is taking about 6 oz at a time from the sitter (you know since el boobies don't have a gauge on them, it's hard for me to know). But when I am pumping at work, I'm still only getting 4 oz -that's total - from both. It's been bugging me so I have been drinking like 3 super-mondo-using-the-cup-from-the-hospital 48 oz'ers every day, but still no change really.

Well this morning LaRay said she had a gallon of milk in the fridge that is going to expire this weekend and to help myself if I wanted any. So in addition to 48 oz of water before the 8AM pumping, I had about 8 oz of whole milk. Now, I don't know of the "whole" was the key ingredient or what, but this morning I got 6.25 oz! (And yes, the .25 is noteworthy!) I was so impressed with myself. So imagine my dismay to only get a measly 2.5 at lunch. BOO Is milk the magic to more milk?

Anyone else notice that when you actually DRINK milk, it makes MORE milk? Or was this just a fluke, leftovers from what Miles didn't take at this morning's feeding???

Speaking of Mr. Perfect - here is his 18 week picture! Can you believe he is almost 5 months old?

Another question, anyone else taking Fenugreek for milk production? Have heard stories both ways on this. Also I think I read it takes 6 weeks to take effect, so that won't help my problem, you know...TODAY.

Dean's band started back up yesterday. They practice every Tuesday and host about 2 concerts a semester. It's a community band out of this college. His old college buddy is the band director there and the band is made up of current students, former students, former professionals, current music teachers, and old farts who do it for fun. (Dean that wasn't for you. You are in the "former professional" category....**) Beins' that my Bunco group meets first Tuesday of the month, I have now had to drop out to take care of mah baybee on Tuesdays... Kinda sad...I'll miss those Drunko nights...., I mean Bunco nights. I am still on the sub list though - for that group and 2 others (all in my neighborhood) so hopefully I'll get the call soon so I can see my girls.

This pic cracks me up. #1 - the saying is priceless and #2 - the look on his face makes me think "Whatchoo talkin' bout Willis?" heehee

Well that's all I can think of for now. Working on a couple posts/projects: crafty mccrafty, modeling chocolate, and of course that Q&A...

Here's another pic of Miles in his jumperoo. LOVES that froggie! It totally mesmerizes him. When we face him to another "station," he turns back to this one every time!

**Our dear friend SI, has a "signature" on her gmail account. Past president this, current director of that, etc. It cracks Dean up so he thought he would compose one for his personal email account as well. Looks like his trumps hers big time....check it out. You didn't know I was married to a celebrity, did you? :-P

Bachelor of Music
University of North Texas
*Esteemed Member Of UNT one o'clock band

Past-President Bowling Club
Sam Houston High School

Phi Mu Alpha member

Previous Owner-Dean's Piano Service

ITIL Foundation Certification

Former Trumpet Player for:

Four Tops
Glen Campbel
Jerry Lewis
Carol Channing
Ray Price
Jimmy Dorsey
Jimmy Carter
Ringling Bros
Debbie Reynolds
The O'Jays
Steve Allen
***Two #1 hits on top 10 pop charts;;198
Marty Robbins

Television Appearances
Channel 13 Houston
Noon Show in Oklahoma City
Numerous Commercials TV and Radio



NTSU one o'clock Lab '79 (band nominated for Grammy 4 times)

Las Vegas Appearances:

Imperial Palace

Got Mamas Milk Blinkie
Working Mom Blinkie

7 nice things to say...:

~Jess said...

Cute pictures!

From what I've reading about BFing, there is no correlation between drinking milk and personal production, but who knows...

Martha said...

Your hubby Rocks!!
Your baby is so cute, I love his facial expressions, especially w/the frog, precious.
Beer helps w/milk production as does mother's milk herbal tea available at health food stores and whole foods. It doesn't take 6 weeks to work.
If Miles is making 6 wet disosable diapers a day, his intake is good along w/a great weight gain, he's thriving.

KimboSue said...

Oh Martha! 6 wet diapers? PUH-LEASE! My little guy H.A.T.E.S. wet diapers with a passion so the minute he has half an ounce of pee in there - off it goes! We go through SO MANY!!!

BrandiH2007 said...

Fenugreek works for some and not other, but it certainly doesn't take 6 weeks to work. Actually you are only supposed to take it for 6 weeks before taking a 3 week break or the effects will wear off. I think I may start taking it again as a misunderstanding with the sitter had me missing a pumping time every day and my supply decreased some. Start with 3 pills 3 times a day and go from there. You can get a lot of information by searching Fenugreek and milk supply.

Woohoo Deano is awesome!!!

nikki said...

I have no clue about the milk, but your kiddo sure is adorable!

Madkatmom said...

My experience, when I was balancing full-time working w/ nursing, was that the more OFTEN you pump/nurse, the more milk you make. So you might try adding a pumping session or two to your daily work routine and see if that will increase your supply. And if at all possible, never delay or skip a regularly scheduled pumping session. Your body will interpret that as a need for less milk and will reduce production accordingly. At least, that's how it went for me...

Good luck!

Stacey Queen said...

Miles is TOO precious...WOW! Didn't know Dean was famous...neato.

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