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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Jumperoo to College...

Smiley Miley had a good day yesterday. He played well with his friend Avery, however they were playing so much that he didn't get a good morning nap! When Daddy picked him up around 1:00, he slept until 4:30! That little girl tuckered him out!

When I got home yesterday, Daddy put together Miles' new jumperoo. It has so many fun things to do on it, and we don't even have batteries in it yet. I can't wait to see his face when things make sounds! He may still be a little small for it yet, as his feetsies barely reach and his head is about level with most of the toys, instead of above it. He was fascinated by the mirror!

Who doesn't want to nibble on these baby thighs? Full of ooey, gooey goodness I tell ya!

Something else exciting happened yesterday.... Miles has joined the financial world! He now has a 529 college fund (Mommy is custodian) and a UTMA (Uniform Transfers to Minors Act) account. This account Miles is the owner (with Daddy as custodian) - under his own social and everything! Both accounts we can contribute to as regularly as we like. We opted to deposit $50 to each every month, but can increase or add other moneies as we desire. Our hopes are to tell our families that going forward, instead of presents for Mom and Dad, give money to the Miles College Fund! Also future birthday or Christmas money will go to these accounts as well.

The 529 is totally tax free if used for college. Taxed HEAVILY if withdrawn and not used for college. We did find out that if Miles opts not to go to college, we can change the beneficiary to whoever (me, Grammy, Aunt M) and apply to college for them. The UTMA account is more like a savings account, but invested in funds. He can use this money for whatever and becomes the primary owner at age 18. Investor guy said most people let their kids use it for other expenses while in college - books, food, etc. - while others buy cars with it.

I am so glad we have this worked out now and not scrambling to get money together for college when he's in high school.

**Is it bad that I want to create a PayPal button and put in on the blog for donations to these accounts? :0)

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