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Monday, August 24, 2009

Topsy Turvy

* I have been a very bad blogger lately. You would think with my new "fancy" iphone that I would be blogging more since I don't necessarily have to have a pc to do it now, huh? Must be pure laziness....or it could be that I am having a fantastic time with my little boo-boo so I don't want to take time away from him to blog! HA!

I can't believe I forgot to tell you some BRU drama from our shopping experience the other day. I had a bag of crap stuff gifts that I needed to exchange for other much larger purchases such as the stroller in above linky. Seems like BRU has taken on EVIL.TARGET's satan return policy. Weird, since I returned a whole boatload of crap stuff gifts after the shower in Februrary and was given store credit for them. According to customer service manager (ooooh) BRU is now working under TRU policies. Funny, I always thought them one in the same anyways? But apparently not, and apparently policy has changed since February. Anyway, I had some duplicate things and other things I didn't need that I merely wanted to get store credit for. Apparently the answer is a big, fat N.O. Not without a receipt or a purhcase on your registry in the past 90 days. WTF? That doesn't even make any sense? So all I need to do is buy something from my registry and then you will take this stuff back? (was thinking this, didn't actually give away my evil plan.) But what? And really I am supposed to get receipts for crap that people gave me 4 months ago that I am just now realizing I won't be needing/using? That is impossible?! Some of the things I don't even remember who gave them to me? UGH. So now I have a bag of crap stuff gifts that will be going to the next baby-mamma-to-be that I know - HI KIM AND/OR STEPH!!! heehee

I mean really, who needs 6 color-changing-temperature-telling-ducks? which is how many I would have if the policy hadn't suddenly "changed." BAH!

And how could I have forgotten to post a pic of my topsy.turvy/whimsical.cake? I signed up to take a whimsical.cake.class with my friend Kim. If you remember, she is the one I took all those Wilton.classes with last year...she has turned it into a business, while I am still doing it for friends, family, and co-workers. ANYWHO...she ended up not getting to go because she is 7 months pregnant and had some bleeding that morning. Doc said to stay home and take it easy. So there I was...the lone person taking this class "for fun." SERIOUSLY! Someone asked the class who was taking it for fun and I was the only one to raise my hand! Everyone else was talking about their customers! EEK - talk about nervous pervous! So here is my 1st topsy.turvy cake. It is supposed to look like its going to fall over....that is the point. However, I am glad I snapped this pic in class, because by the time I was home, my topsy.turvy was....well, topsy.turvy for real. The edge of the bottom tier fell off, thus causing a slight cave in on the next layer and so forth... oh well, it still ate well!

I am now a "professional" cake maker I suppose. I should be, hell that class cost $150! It was totally not what I designed. She had us sketch out what we wanted before starting, even colored with map pencils! The middle layer color was airbrushed on - just so we could play with the air brush machine. Me? NOT.A.FAN. Could be because I sat on the back row and the machine was behind me. 12 people all used different colors so my boogers....yeah, they were rainbow.

Speaking of cakes, I am excited to be hosting a diapers.&.beer shower for my friend Kim next month. I am going to be making a practice cake beforehand. I mean, hosting a shower for a professional baker, the cake has got to be, right? So I plan on making a baby.rump.cake like the linky one. So work peeps - it's coming soon!

Also I have been reading about No.Fail.Sugar.Cookies which is the bomb sugar cookie recipe because the cookies don't shrink or swell so they are actually the shape of the cutter. I also want to use rolled.butter.cream to cover them. It's like fondant, but buttercream and you can cut it out using the same cutter and just glue it to the cookie, then make the accents with royal.icing. A friend from work is having foot surgery this week so I am going to work on making him a cookie bouquet of these as a "Get Well Soon" present....

Miles had his first taste of rice.cereal last night. We added a bit to a bottle of BM. He gobbled it up and had no issues. Thank.the.Lord! This little guy just takes every change we throw at him with a grain of salt. He is SO.PERFECT! Haven't I said that before? :)

Here's a pic of Daddy entertaining him while waiting in the doctor's office last week.

And here's his 17 week pic...18 is on the home... sorry for the crap quality. He was ready for bed time so I had to use the phone to take it since I didn't have time to locate the camera.

And finally....this is Miles helping Mommy with the laundry yesterday!

P.S. I am planning on finally answering that Q&A post this week - PROMISE!

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4 nice things to say...:

LaRay said...

I love the cake. Very cute.

Amy said...

Awe..he's SO cute.

Have I told you that Wilton is near me? They have a HUGE tent sale every year (almost) and things are like 50% off.

AJsMom said...

That is exactly why I do not go to TRU any more and encourage others not to either...

Stacey Queen said...

Miles is getting so big. I love the cake and cookies your planning. Sounds good.

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