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Friday, August 28, 2009

Q&A Answers

I didn’t really get too many hits on this Q&A thing. So either everybody out there knows everything about me or you think I’m boring and don’t want to know...

Regardless, here’s the answers to the questions I got…

Stacey Queen asked: how do you guys make your own wine? Where did you learn that?

Dean actually started doing this BK (Before Kim). It’s really quite easy. We buy grape concentrate from a local wine/beer making shop.We also bought our supplies from there as well, like the 6 gallon glass jar, bucket, mixing spoons, siphon…. In the concentrate box comes the juice, any additional ingredients it needs i.e. yeast, etc. and INSTRUCTIONS! You follow the steps accordingly. Usually, but not always, it goes something like this (very layman’s terms here):

  1. Sanitize everything
  2. Pour 6 gallons of water into bucket
  3. Add juice and other ingredients and stir
  4. Add percolator to top of bucket (not really called that, but that’s what I call it) it allows air to escape from the bucket while the yeast is fermenting. It makes a bubble, bubble sound you can hear throughout the house.
  5. Wait X number of days for this phase. Maybe add more stuff
  6. Transfer to 6 gallon glass jar
  7. Put on dark shelf and wait X number of days for it to get ready
  8. Siphon from glass jar into bottles
  9. Cork bottles, heat bottle tops/covers onto bottles and add labels. I order ours here. They are much better quality than we could print at home.
  10. ENJOY!

Martha asked:
What is you and Deano's favorite song?

I think there are a bunch of them. But since he is a musician, he usually only pays attention to the tune itself: notes, tone, rhythmn, beat. I like the words. But we both equally suck at names of artists and songs. “Our” song is Tim McGraw’s Watch the Wind Blow By. It would have been the song we danced to at our wedding had we remembered the damn CD and taken it to Jamaica…DOH

Where did you all get married?
Engaged on top of Pike’s Peak, married on the sunny shores of Montego Bay, Jamaica

What do you like about where ya'll live?

Pearland, Texas. It’s a burb of Houston. Growing like wild fire. Seems like there is a new store opening every week! We are in a new neighborhood with houses still being built. COME ON CUL DE SAC - we have one lot still empty. Lots of great neighbors, kids programs, decent schools. Super close to everything Houston and family...

What would you change?

About myself – my weight
About my husband – not a thing
About my life – wish I would have met Deano sooner so maybe I could squeeze out another baby. :-) Pun INTENDED

nancy asked:.

would you eat human meat? Think of craziest circumstance like you are in a country they grow human meat for consumption, so everyone does it. Would you try a bite?

First of all..EWWWWW. Why would you come up with something like this you weirdo? Just kidding. If it was “grown” for human consumption, that would freak me out. I mean, could you imagine being friends with someone and then later realizing they were “from the farm” and you ate them? NO. That is why I couldn’t be in FFA and raise a pig or chicken or rabbit. They eventually end up on someone’s plate and no thank you I could not have eaten Ally McSqueal (cousin’s pig from FFA) And that only makes it worse when you name it….

coke or pepsi?

Coke. I drank Pepsi growing up at my grandparent’s house. For some reason we only drank Coke with Coke floats, but Pepsi is what we had for soda. BLECH. I can’t stand the taste anymore although it does make me miss Grandpa…

last CD you bought/listened to?

See above answer to Martha’s question about favorite song. IF we bought CD’s who would we buy? We could walk into the store and ask the sales guy, “hey who plays this song – dun, dun, dun, dun-dun-dun, dah, daaah” (Dean) or me, “What song has these words ‘Mom caught me smoking and she says NO WAY’.” YEAH. We listen to Pandora or the radio or the music channels on U-verse. But we have lots of CD’s from yesteryear. His – mainly jazz, mine – mostly stuff too embarrassing to list here…

pizza toppings?

Cheese, pepperoni and extra sauce. Please and thank you.

What shoe would you buy if you could buy ANYTHING?

Does it mean I’m not girly if I am not THAT into shoes? I mean really….in order to answer this question I am going to have to Google something and that means I really don’t want to buy it, just looking for a cute answer…HOWEVER, since Rodeo is coming up and we’ll be at the fairgrounds doing our volunteer duties, it will get me in my cowgirl spirit. And that always makes me long for my days of Ropers and Rocky Mountain jeans. My Ropers left via garage sale many moons ago. But I could really dig me some of these beauties….Perhaps an early birthday present from my love...

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2 nice things to say...:

Always the Single One said...

I love those boots and almost got them! If your damn foot wasnt so small then we could share them! HA

Stacey Queen said...

Mom caught me smoking and she says NO WAY...Beastie Boys, from a LONG time ago! I love my Fatbabys too, the most comfortable boot I've ever worn. Thanks for the Q&A.

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