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Tuesday, August 11, 2009


  • Today seems like a bullet kind of day...

  • Lots of stuff happening in the Land O' Miles. This weekend we upgraded to Size 2 diapers! His little booty is getting too big for the 1's. At last weigh in (rough estimate on the bathroom scale) was 15 lbs. He is wearing some 6-9 month clothes already. Slow down little man!

  • And since we needed diapers in abundance, what better excuse than to visit Ye Olde BRU?! Not to mention I had a 15% off coupon for strollers and we need to get a new one for when Miles grows out of the car seat since we only have a Snap N Go stroller frame. (Note to self to take pic in new stroller since we already took the initial walk in it yesterday - DOH!) We went with the Graco.MetroLite. It is super light, folds easy, has parent cupholders, kid tray, large shade, and the seat reclines to 3 positions. NOTE it's the 1st baby gear item we have that is actually boy color - not yellow or green - YAY!

  • Miles is a rootin' and a scootin' these days. He's not crawling yet, but he is moving all over the place - like an upside down turtle - he "swims" and rocks on his belly. We put him under his play gym on Saturday - I went to go change clothes - and when I got back I asked Dean why he turned him around - his head was under the mirror/kickpad that plays music and his feet were under the toys hanging down. He was like, "Uh, I didn't!" He did a total 180 just by pushing with his feet and arms!

  • So since he's been moving so much, at night he's been face planted into the bumper, usually in the corner. This kind of concerns me, but kind of not. The bumper is not shoved down by the mattress, so it has room underneath it for air flow. Also, I have read that if your child is moving around that much that they will be able to move if their airway is blocked. Healthy bodies will wake themselves up if there is a lack of oxygen. And remember he LOVES to sleep on his face -like flat on his face. But there is still that whole suffoctation thing in the back of my mind....SO...I took out the bumper Sunday night.

  • Monday morning I go up for his morning feeding and what do I find (Dang I need to take a pic of this too!) but 2 chubby baby thighs sticking out the crib! One was almost up to his hip and the other was half way through, kicking on the diaper stacker that's on the crib! UGH - now all I can envision is itty bitty dislocated shoulders and broken legs! Luckily he was just as happy as could be lying there kicking his feet around. But LORD it made me nervous so today I have been researching breathable.bumpers and what other bumper lovin' moms think.

  • I was all set to buy a breathable.bumper from wally world on the way home, but have now decided to not spend that money and instead use my ultra cutie bumper from the bedding set in a new, make Mommy feel better, not have to spend more money, kind of way. I am going to weave it in and out of the slats (like breathable.bumpers). This will prevent fat thighs and chubby arms from poking out - or under - and also secure it better than just the ties on the top and bottom of the cushion so it doesn't fall on his widdle head. Now if he learns how to untie knots, then I'm in trouble, but until then...

  • On a totally un-Milesy related note....I finally got that hair do I talked about the other day. I got it chopped and colored - to cover up the badly exposed roots from the outgrown highlights. Here's a pic from when the lady straightened it - why do they always want to straighten my hair? I'm like what.evah. It's going to take you 30 more minutes to do that, but whatever floats your boat miss.

    And I couldn't leave you without a picture of what makes me smile everyday....

    Isn't it funny that the gas key hole on the wall looks like his earring? HEEHEE

    Got Mamas Milk Blinkie
    Working Mom Blinkie

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