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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

As The Van Turns...

Today on As The Van Turns....

We have the most dramatic of all vans in our company! There is always some he said, she said, she's wearing too much perfume (me), I have allergies, why does she always get the front seat, he is always late, CRAP going on!

We have been 5-10 minutes late every day for the past 2 weeks or so. To some, this is no big deal, but we have several riders whose managers are getting onto them for missing 5-10 minutes here and there. Because look at it, and in the long run, that's a lot of missed work.

Another manager said something to someone on Monday. He even went as far to say that he needs to make up the time - during lunch or after work. Now being that we ride a van, working "over" really isn't fair to the rest of us who want to leave on time. Roger (van guy - he doesn't read my blog, I can use his IRL name) brought it up on the way home Monday afternoon that we just can't be late anymore and that he isn't missing his lunch time so something needs to happen. He suggested leaving at 6:00 instead of 6:05. Van driver (VD) said no. She doesn't like getting up and leaving any earlier than the last possible minute. This is why she arrives at 6:04 or 6:05 every day when departure time IS 6:05. Meanwhile, the riders are there anywhere from 5:50-6:00.

Another rider recently had foot surgery and in lieu of crutches, is using this knee walker AKA scooter. (They are pretty nifty if you are ever in the need, you can rent them here.) So when we are loading up, he gets in the front seat and Roger takes his scooter to the back to put it in the van. This literally only takes an extra 30-45 seconds, but since the van doesn't arrive until right on time, then we don't end up leaving until 6:06 or 6:07. Now, I know you are thinking, GEEZ, this is only an extra minute or 2 late, but in Houston traffic, this means all the difference in the world!

The van driver (VD) lives the closest to the parking lot we meet in. Literally only has 1 stop light and takes maybe 1 minute from her house. We are supposed to leave at 6:05 sharp but because we have to actually get in the van and not magically appear inside it, it takes a few minutes. VD is of course blaming the tardiness on the scooter loading. This is not true. If the van arrived early like we do, then we would have ample time to get us all in, including the scooter.

So nothing was decided Monday. Tuesday, same song, second verse. We got to our desks at 6:36. At 4:30, we were ready to leave including Scooter Boy - HA - but no Roger. He did exactly what I thought he would do. He stayed 6 minutes over since he was 6 minutes late. It's the only thing he can do to try and prove his point to VD. This morning we were only a couple minutes late, but I am sure he will do the same again. This is making everyone else mad because just like a couple minutes can make the difference in the morning traffic, same goes for evening.

So Roger, Scooter, and I were chatting today and wondered what we could do about our dilemma. Obviously talking to VD is not working because she thinks this is an anarchy and what she says goes. NOT. So I get on the Company Fleet website to read the "rules" and decided to email Fleet to get their input. Basically she said they cannot enforce anything. That is why they leave most of the "housekeeping rules" (as they call it) up to the individual vans (NOT DRIVERS) discretion. This includes departure times, waiting times, radio stations, etc. But majority rules. If all of the riders want to leave earlier, then VD must do so.

Our VD is stubborn and won't just take our word for anything. So I composed an email to everyone and included links to Fleet's pages and screenshots of the areas that indicate this "majority rule" rule. Highlighted in pink just in case you missed it. I sent it and asked for a vote. If you are in for leaving at 6:00, reply all and say Yes.

We have 8 total on the van (which is the minimum by the way. Should anyone drop, the van is history). So far, including me, we have 5 votes for YES. 1 is on maternity leave, 1 hasn't responded, and of course VD = SILENCE. I did tag a read receipt on it, so I know she read it at 11:10. I am sure she doesn't want to answer because she realizes we already have a majority and she is just going to have to suck it up and pick our asses up earlier!

Thank you for the van vent. It is so annoying!

Oh and Fleet did say if she still doesn't oblige with the majority vote, then we have to take it up with HR! If this happens, I am O.U.T.T.A there. I don't need this stupid, ridiculous, dramatic stress in my life! Look, I already wasted a post on the crap!

**UPDATED TO INCLUDE EMAIL FROM VD - sent to van riders and fleet services:

Nice coo. But to make it clear for fleet services and the other riders, I recall there were only 4 of you on the van when this was discussed on Monday. It was not a quorum nor a majority vote.

I am resigning as the ‘driver’ for the obvious reasons. I am remaining as a passenger and will if absolutely necessary be a backup driver. I have notified fleet services that another driver will need to be selected.

I have been a founding member of the Pearland vanpool which is now in its fourth year of service. I have seen many changes and personalities come and go. If you haven’t read ‘Animal Farm’ yet, I highly recommend it.

I began driving the van as a courtesy to you because no one else would drive the van. Everyone refused. I did not want to and have hated every day that I have to drive. I have suffered with complaining neighbors of my family having to park their vehicles in the street because van rules state that the van cannot be parked in the street. I have also had to endure the comments of some people on the van of my driving skills. I have taken great lengths to save YOU $120 per year by minimizing the mileage on the van. I did not have to but I did. I made sure the van was available for you when the hurricane came through last year when the previous van driver refused to take action. I make sure the van has gas, everyone is accounted for and reports sent to Metro. I have had the van at the parking lot on time. I really don’t see where you have been late to work with the exception of the last few weeks where we have had a wounded person on the van that understandably takes a bit longer to get in and out of the van and to where he is going. All you had to do was ask if I could get there a few minutes early to accommodate until he can get around better. I have sacrificed A LOT to make sure YOU made it to work, you never had to worry whether your ride was going to be there or not.

To the few people who decided to go this route, again nice one. But I will be damned if I am going to drive you anywhere.

Kim – I am forwarding your email to Fleet Services. I feel this is a threat towards me and my ability to get to work via the van pool. I don’t understand why you feel you had to include this item.


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3 nice things to say...:

On My Mind 24/7 said...

Don't you just love work drama? Ugh.

Rae said...

OMG...I just could not deal with that!!!
I wish there was a van where everyone just smoked on the way to work!!! ROFL

Melody said...

Go you. You did exactly the right thing! Animal Farm? Is she serious? Tell her "Two legs good, four legs bad..." She must be a female dog!

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