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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Bullet Wednesday

Another bullet kind of day...

  • Sitter called in yesterday. Her oldest had been throwing up all night and wasn't sure why. Said it was our call if we sent Miles over or not. Well with all this flu hoopla going on, no thank you. So Dean watched him the first half of the day and I came home in the afternoon to work from home and watch him.
  • Dean couldn't really get him to take his morning nap and I couldn't get him to take his afternoon nap. He would fall asleep on me and I would hold him for 20-30 minutes before trying to lay him down. The minute I put him down, he would be up on his elbows and head up looking at me and smiling from ear to ear. We were watching the news before Daddy went to band - around dinner time - and suddenly he wants to nap! But he does look like an angel, doesn't he?
  • UGH - speaking of sitter, we still don't know if she's going to be staying with us or not. I hate to look for someone just to have to tell them "just kidding." Why won't my mom just quit her job already?! Or Mean Aunt Betty? :0)
  • My favorite (and only) cashmere sweater is not handling the milk jugs very well. I am still wearing it anyway, but when I put it on this morning, I don't remember it being so, ahem...short. Then I noticed the jugs were looking lower than usual - BAH - NURSING BRAS! I already had my hair and makeup done and didn't want to pull a turtleneck over all that, so I had to ask sleepy Dean to help me with the straps - pull them up at least a little bit more anyway...
  • Another reason for the bra assistance, was because of this awful, terrible, no good, very bad CRICK in my back. I couldn't have reached over my shoulder to do it if I wanted to! I slept hard last night, so I guess I was in a bad position all.night.long.
  • We carved our silly face pumpkin last night - pics on the camera at home of course! Miles wasn't too interested since he couldn't put his hand in the mush. I was afraid he would swallow a seed. HA - then my pumpkin would grow a pumpkin in his belly. Or maybe not...
  • Slow day at the office when you've only got emails from, gym.boree, Mean Aunt Betty, with only 1 work related, all day and you've been here 4 hours already....
  • Gossip queens at the office are bitches. Know the facts before you open your mouths. Just because you are the one to report something "anonymously" to the ethics.line, doesn't mean you can flap your trap once action has been taken.

IS IT THURSDAY YET?!!!!!!!! (It's my "Friday" this week....)

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2 nice things to say...:

Steph said...

I thought it was WORDLESS Wednesday?

With an iphone you have no excuses for not posting the pictures :)

PJ said...

What a sweet, sweet sleepy little guy!

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