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Thursday, October 8, 2009

The D.R.A.M.A. continues...

So the van ride home yesterday was mostly silent. Then (like I knew she would) as soon as we pulled into the parking lot, she held up the keys and asked who was taking the van home because she wasn't driving anymore.
Hello - someone needs to take the van because I am not the driver anymore.
Finally someone spoke up and said that we never intended on not having her as the driver, no one made fun of her driving abilities, this was nothing personal, just a group decision to change the departure so many words.

After 20 minutes of "discussion," it was determined that yes, she would still be the driver, yes we would leave at 6:00, and yes she was totally not happy with it.

As it turns out, I have my yearly PAP today so I didn't have the pleasure of riding at 6:00 this morning. I asked someone who did ride how it was and if they did leave and arrive on time. They did - she complained the entire time - and they got to work on time. VD holds grudges from here to eternity and has said as much. She hasn't spoken to a couple of ladies here in 15 years because of something that happened eons ago. I don't plan on staying in that grudge category of hers. Nor do I want the stress, tension, and DRAMA that comes with remaining on this dramatic ass, soap opera of a van.

This, hereby, is my resignation from Van #7878.

And onto another stressful front...Dean called me yesterday and said he had more bad news. The sitter told him that she recently found out that she has high blood pressure. They are going to begin treating her with drugs to try and get it down. If this doesn't work, the doctor told her that she needs to change her lifestyle to be less stressful i.e. quit keeping Miles. She said he is not stressful in any way, but just less activity. This baffles me because another reason for reducing the BP is because they are trying to have another baby. If MY baby causes you stress, why would YOUR baby not? UGH. She said if she does have to quit, it would be near the end of November - early December. Perfect time to look for a new sitter during the holidays, right?

So basically in 3 weeks, we are going to start looking again - just in case. Because it took forever last time and I don't want to not have a Plan B "in case" she does have to quit.

See - get rid of one stressful point in my life, just to have another take its place...

But isn't this all worth it?

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5 nice things to say...:

Martha said...

He77 Yeah!!!
That is the cutest picture, EVER!! Miles is so precious in his boots.
So sorry for the van pool drama and Good for you for resigning. Who needs this B.S.? Nobody!!!!!
I actually feel sorry for VD, hold a grudge like an immature idiot? Hasn't she learned what an effed up burden and waste of time that is? I am so glad you've removed this toxicity from your life.
Good luck with the sitter situation, sounds odd.

On My Mind 24/7 said...

Kim you have to frame that-it is SO CUTE! Well that's the way it works, be done with one thing and another takes its place. At least you are done with the drama. Hope next week goes better!

Stephanie said...

Put a cowboy hat that that little guy & call it his halloween costume. SOOO cute!

Glad the van situation is resolved. That is just crazy (or at least she is.)

Rae said...

That just confirmed why I refuse to join a van pool!!! CRAZY!!!

That beautiful baby boy is the only thing that makes it all worth it!! :)

Melody said...

Let me know if you want to carpool with me & Chad... Mostly me, though. He is a sleepy head and sometime I just leave him at home!

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