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Friday, October 9, 2009

Back to the Gyn's office

So I went to the gyn's office yesterday for my yearly checkup. You
would think after having her and Dr. H look at it so many times during
a 14 month span, that she would just give me a free pass...

But no. I even had to fill out all new paperwork even though I was
there in July. "everyone has to once a year," she says.

Physical check of hoohoo and milk makers are good. Pap results in a
few days. Bad news? (and I knew this) I am up over my pre-pregnancy
weight. I dropped all of my baby + IF treatment weight within like 3
weeks. I was estatic because I thought if I lost that much, that fast,
then I would be skinny-minny after 6 months of bf'ing. But no such
luck. I began to notice if I didn't eat a lot AND have snacks, then my
milk production would decrease. So I have been having more calories
but only because I have to.

Doc says that it could be my thyroid. She has seen lots of women's
thyroids act up post-partum. UGH. I thought I was through with weird
things being wrong with me that my friends don't have i.e. IF.

So the lab drew sone blood and I'll have those results soon.

Just something else to contemplate all weekend.

P.S. The van was sent an email today stating that they must start
recruiting more riders, otherwise the van will be disbanned! See, she
thinks she won by me quitting. But looks like I get the last laugh
this time!!

3 nice things to say...:

nikki said...

I have to get my thyroid tested every year. Man I hate getting poked. I always end up with a huge bruise. When I was pregnant with Sophia I looked like a freaking pin cushion.

PJ said...

If it is your thyroid, all you have to do is take a synthetic thyroid pill every day and it will get it where it needs to be.

Melody said...

Just had my annual visit and I got the thyroid speech too. Fortunately mine is normal and so is my cholesterol. Keep eating, you need it for production. Chad keeps thinking that I eat too much, but my weight is constant and milk is still flowing! Worry about the weight later. Until then, bring on the chocolate cake!

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