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Friday, October 16, 2009


*** brought to you by Blogger.Post.Scheduler as the host is currently out of town on a still undisclosed (and unknown to anyone) anniversary trip with the hubby and the baby***

Our 4 year anniversary was yesterday. We usually try to do something for it. Technically we should be "alone" i.e. without baby, but I feel bad. He has spent the past 2 Saturday nights with Grammy/Great Aunt Betty so we could party like rockstars.... I mean cowboys at the rodeo. I can't send him away 3 weekends in a row! Plus this is a 3 day weekend for us so we should have him for as much time as we can!

Location of this 1 night trip is TBD. 1 night because we have tickets to the Dynamo vs. LA Galaxy game on Sunday at 2, so we didn't want to be scrambling back home to make it in time. TBD because, well...just because. Initial talks were to go to Texas.Hill.Country and visit wineries, but well... you can see what bad parents we would seem, having wine tastings and a glass here and there with a Baby.Bjorn strapped on?? Right now the "plan" (loosely labeled) is to drive north or west. No lodging squared away either. Guessing B&B's are out of the question since those are usually saved for couples' getaways....not that my boy would make a fuss....We love random road trips. I hope the first one as a family of 3 proves to be just as exciting!

It's funny to think we have to take a cooler now to keep Miles' food in. The days of only bringing the boobies are long gone for this little oinker. He's been eating a jar of stage 1 meat (turkey, chicken, or beef), 3 cubes (ice trays) of veggies and 1 whole banana (or peaches or mangos coming soon)! WHAT?! And then milk after that. I serioously don't know how his tummy can hold it all. Must be the reason for his multi-day poops! I thought daily poops were a thing of the past - apparently not!

Speaking of...he's already had 2 poops today. How do I know this you ask? Oh that's because Miles is home with Daddy. AGAIN. Sitter has other plans. Dean actually picked him up yesterday at noon. UGH - the one dilemma in home baby care. Still don't know what the outcome of her BP issues will be. I think I am going to put another ad up on our website and see if we can get more hits on someone keeping him. I am so anti-daycare I don't want to put him in until I absolutely HAVE to...

Melody? Mandy? want to share a nanny?

On to other news:

  • Thyroid test results: negative
  • Diagnosis: Just a tired and fat (but HAPPY) mommy

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2 nice things to say...:

Delenn said...

Happy Anniversary! I hope you guys have loads of fun! I remember our first anniversary with baby--chinese food and a movie at home. Many anniversarys afterwards have come, some we spend romantically, some quietly at home--but that first one with the baby--priceless. What a reminder of your love--the baby that you both worked so hard for.


Rae said...

Hope you guys have a great Anniversary!!!
We have ONE by ourselves since the kids were born!!! LOL

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