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Thursday, October 1, 2009


So it's official. Mr. Miles is too heavy to be lugged around in his
car seat! He isn't at the weight or height limit yet, but he is
definitely pushing it. My boy is so big!!

Speaking of big, we made him sweet potatoes and bananas yesterday. He
has only had the sweet potatoes so far but he loves them! And speaking
of homemade bananas for babies...anyone know if you are suppsed to
process and freeze them or just mush and feed? I scored a bag of
bananas for 99 cents because they were all singles. They were about to
go bad so I peeled them all and ran them through the blender. Poured
into ice trays and froze. Today, they look a little ugly. I know
bananas turn after being exposed to the air, but should I not have
done it this way? And should I not give them to Miles because of the
color? Guess I should have searched the wholesome baby food site

I am sounding and feeling better. The antibiotics and nasal spray seem
to be working...and I am so glad because now I can finally do this

4 nice things to say...:

nikki said...

They are fine to give, but I'd just mash them up fresh next time. I like to add bananas to other foods like apples and blueberries and then freeze.

nikki said...

oh and for apples/bananas/things that oxidize w/ air, add a touch of lemon. it will slow down the oxidation and keep them from going brown.

Eve said...

Oh, he's so very gorgeous!!!!! Yes, they do get too heavy for lugging in their carseats...then you have to go through this weird transition of 'what the heck do you do with them?' when you go shoppign, or to a restaurant, etc. I'll tell you, the floppy shopping cart cover comes in mighty handy!!!

Yes, I was going to say lemon, either that or push a fresh banana through a's amazing how 'fibrous' they seem after all.

Rae said...

I'm way late, but I normally just freeze the banana as is before it gets too brown (sometimes even after it's brown) and once I'm ready to use it I defrost and mush up. Now it's more for banana bread than baby food :)

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