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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Go Ovaries!

So today was CD3 workup. Yes, the answering service chick only scheduled b/w when I needed to have an u/s too...that took some coordinating since I wasn't "scheduled" to have one done. But they worked me in, and that's all that matters.

Here are the results:
Lining - 3.5
R ovary - 5 follies
L ovary - 3 follies

And that is without having started the meds yet. Go Ovaries! They took blood to test for FSH and Estro.gen. Should have those numbers back tomorrow.

I start 100mg of Clo.mid today - CD3 - CD7 with double shots of Meno.pur CD5, CD6, and CD7. EEK - this means more self-administered shots at home and done by me since hubby is deathly afraid of needles. The Meno.pur is currently en route from a fertility pharmacy and I should have them tomorrow. The nurse gave me another demonstration on how to mix them - the drug is actually in powder form that has to be mixed with a water solution in order to inject it. The needle she was using was GI-NOR-MOUS. I was like, "that is WAY bigger than the last needle" but the she said that is just for mixing and the injecting needle is tiny. WHEW! After that, I go back to the clinic to do another u/s and b/w on April 9th to verify that my body is reacting correctly to the meds.

We should be doing our 2nd IUI during the 3rd week of April!

3 nice things to say...:

s.e. said...

Bravo ovaries! I am glad you don''t have cysts and can move forward. It's it the best feeling when you can begin to plan the timing of it all. Happy for you!

AJsMom said...

Jeez, woman, why does your blog hate me...."you gotta fight for your right to party...." (this time when I opened the screen!

Anyway, hbby had to give me insulin shots twice a day during my pregnancy because I'm too chicken to do it. Brave you! BTW: He got WAY too much fun out of poking me with needles...

KimboSue said...

HAHA! I'm telling you. The blog wants you to be a Beastie Boys groupie or something!

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