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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

IUI #3 - Updated Protocol

So we had the CD3 appointment/talk with Dr. H. He was very glad we called him over the weekend so we wouldn't have to skip this cycle due to bad timing. The scan showed no cysts (WHEW, I had thought this could be the reason for AF.) and both ovaries are quiet. The lining was also indicative of this just being a regular cycle. Thank God for small favors - although I would have preferred to have NOT seen her this month - at least there is nothing else wrong.

We discussed options at this point. There are 2 options from here.

  1. Repeat last month's treatment - clo.mid and meno.pur
  2. Injections only - no clo.mid and upping the meno.pur dosage throughout the cycle with extra u/s's

He left us to ponder these options while I was getting re-dressed. D and I decided on the injections only cycle because Dr. H did say that this would increase our chances by 20%, only because the additional injections would create additional eggies, thus a greater chance for one (or more) of them to fertilize.

We went into the Training Room with that option selected. When we told him what we wanted, he said that since I had performed so well last time, he would like to go with the same protocol again, only this time upping the dosage of Menopur.....ok....Why? He said that if we went with injections only, this would put us at doing the IUI late next week and he's out of town for a conference. He refers his patients to Dr. L in his absence, so the timing is not the issue. Dr. L only performs the IUI, all decisions are still made by Dr. H by phone. And he added that he would prefer to do the IUI himself, given he knows our history and our situation. I couldn't agree more! I trust him more since we've spent the last 4 months with him. Not to mention the thought of another strange man doctor up in the hoo hoo gives me the willies!!

I also asked how many IUI cycles he usually lets patients go through and he said usually 3 with clo.mid/injections and then 2 with injections only. If after those, you're still not pg, then it's time for IVF.

So we're on clo.mid CD3-7 and meno.pur x3 on CD5, 7 & 9. The scan is scheduled for 5/6 and the IUI on 5/10 or 5/11 - depending on the results of the scan.

Grateful for:

  • IUI #3
  • my new highlights I got last night - bring on summer!
  • that we need to remember that God won't give us more than we can handle.

1 nice things to say...:

PJ said...

I hate sharing doctors too. I haven't seen my original "Dr. Wonderful" in about two months. I keep getting "Dr. Ho Hum) Sigh...

That's quite a dose of Menopur! I bet you get lots of follies!

Good luck! I'll be reading.

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