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Monday, April 14, 2008

IUI #2 - Complete!

We finished IUI #2 today. D's swimmers were better than ever! 16 million (up from 2M before Prox.eed) and at 55% motility. My right ovary that had the 2 bigger follies looked like it was ovulating again. We also saw some fluid behind the uterus and doc said that indicates ovulation also. We saw the swimmers inside right where Dr. H put them. As I have never seen anything else in my uterus, this made me very excited to see them there, right where they should be, swimming towards their goal!

During the 20 minutes you have to lay there afterwards, hubby was saying "Go guys, Go!! Swim towards the goal! Get the ball (aka egg. Me - "huh"? D - "well it LOOKS like a ball") Get the ball boys, get the ball!!" Hopefully they listen to Daddy!

Last IUI, I took the whole day off work and did nothing but stay horizontal on the couch. Subconsciously, I was thinking the guys might "fall out" if I was upright too much. D waited on me hand and foot and even made dinner. This time I came to work after the appointment. I want to continue my regular activities and not focus so much on what is going on down there.

I guess I am trying not to jinx myself either. The same reason why I didn't bring home "10,0001 Baby Names" book from my friend L's house yesterday. I found it on her bookshelf and flipped through it a minute. She said I could take it home, but I thought I'd better not. I don't want any prego anything in my house until I get my BFP!!!


Husband and I have been chatting on IM the past few minutes. I am actually laughing out loud at him! Here's an abbreviated version:
D: did you do this? Injectable gonadotropins
me: yes that is what menopur is
me: what website are you reading?
**what he types in the next couple of messages are quotes from the website**
D:Insemination combined with ovarian stimulation with injectable gonadotropins provides better pregnancy rates (and higher multiple pregnancy rates)
D:higher multiple pregnancy rates
D:higher multiple pregnancy rates
D:higher multiple pregnancy rates
D:higher multiple pregnancy rates
D:presumably more sperm make it to the area in the fallopian tube where they can take a crack at having a successful date with the egg(s).
D:awww, they're having a date now
D:think they will kiss on the first date
me: they better be humping on the first date

Here's to a Great First Date!!!

Grateful for:

  • IUI #2
  • Girl Time - lunch, wine, and pedi with my good friend L
  • Sister Time - dinner tonight with her and BIL

2 nice things to say...:

s.e. said...

Cheers to happy sperm and egg humping! Funny.

I have been contemplating the going back to work after my next IUI but kind of like the planned sick day idea. But I totally understand not wanting to jinx anything!

I like your conviction that this will be our month. Remind me that again in a few days!

Anonymous said...

STEPH said... I like the idea of multiples!!

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