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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

1 DPIUI....The 2WW begins again...

So I had my last glass of wine last night... I would have preferred it be a better tasting, better maker, better type, and better flavor.....Alas, it was all that Bu.ddy Ru.ff's could muster up for me. It was both a sad and a happy time. Happy because it means I may be pregnant for the next 10 months and have my very own baby! And sad because we are such wine lovers and I will miss it...Remember this Good Day and this Winery Weekend??? We have tons of bottles we have yet to drink from our winery trips, not to mention our very own homemade wine that is still resting peacefully in the wine rack. A more positive thought is that by the time I CAN drink it, it will be more aged and taste even better!

This was brought on because a friend had told me that her doc said she could have a glass of red wine every day of her pregnancy. My RN sister told me last night, more like 1 a month. This got me curious as I have never actually asked my doc, however Google MD provided me with ample information:

Do Not Drink Alcohol While Pregnant

Do Not Drink Alcohol While Pregnant

Do Not Drink Alcohol While Pregnant

Do Not Drink Alcohol While Pregnant

All of the above articles, obviously had the same message: ANY amount of alcohol can hurt your baby. So to all my friends and family - this makes me your official DD!! The 2WW has officially began!

Mel at Stirrup Queens and Sperm Jesters posted a "Fess Up Week" post during her Friday Round Up. I would like to do the same. For all you lurkers, stalkers, readers, however you want to categorize yourself.... FESS UP! Let me know that I am at least a tiny bit interesting and that you do stop by from time to time and read the ramblings of my life!

Post a comment and send a shoutout!!

8 nice things to say...:

Anonymous said...

Do I have to de-lurk too?

KimboSue said...

Of course you do, silly!

Monkey said...

I stalk you! haha j/k

Praying for a positive result for you!!!

s.e. said...

I think it's been obvious but I will keep following your story until it has a happy ending! I definitely think you are interesting.

I might copy you and Mel's idea!

aferguson said...

I read you! :-)

Actually, what I have always heard is you can have a glass of wine from time to time in your third tri-mester. I never did it becasue I wanted to ensure my babies were healthy.

Anonymous said...

STEPH said...I look forward to the posts. It makes me feel like I am not missing out on as much by reading about life on the "other side of the tracks."

Stephanie Clark said...

I stalk you almost daily. At least 4-5 times a week.

Anonymous said...

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