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Monday, April 28, 2008

Moving on...CD3 and Round 3

Well, the d/c turned into full blown AF by Friday afternoon. No longer could I imagine that the color was still brown and caused from implantation. I mean, red is red, right? Not to mention the killer cramps that plagued me all of Friday night and into Saturday morning.

D called Dr. H Saturday morning. His office only has a recording and a "press 9" for an emergency option. Well, since technically we didn't know if this was some other type of bleeding or AF, he went ahead and had him paged. He called back within 5 minutes. I had D do the talking as I was still in blubbering state. Dr. H thinks its just AF (a week early) and to come in to the office on Monday. But my blood pg test was scheduled for TUESDAY because the nurse said he was on vacation on Monday?? I thought that was odd. Well, last night around 9PM, Dr. H called my cell and said he WAS on vacation Monday, but would meet me at the office at 2PM if I still wanted to. Sure, lets get this CD3 workup over with and go for Round 3.

In the matter of 45 minutes on Saturday morning, I had got 4 phone calls (2 friends, sister and Mom) asking how I was doing since they knew I was supposed to POAS that morning. I did, even though AF was going know there are rare cases where ladies are pg that have full cycles throughout their pregnancy...but it was still BFN. So I took the phone outside to call them back 1 at a time and tell the story, while crying in the garden, 4 different times. Each one had their own advice, all of which was good, but it still didn't take away the hurt.

This roller coaster of emotions and the constant waiting - waiting for AF to come, waiting for b/w results, waiting for HPT windows........waiting. I am still waiting for my baby.

3 nice things to say...:

vamplita said...

Hey Kim,

Really sorry AF decided to rear her ugly head this early! How rude! I know you're disappointed, and I definitely feel for you.

I've come to the conclusion that when it comes to infertility, waiting, in almost all of its varied forms, most definitely sucks!

Take care, and try to enjoy some of the sunshine. :)

s.e. said...

I am so sorry. I wish I could have been there for you while you were crying in the garden. I hope that your pain lessens each day and that you can dig deep and find that hope again soon. So many of us are waiting here with you!

PJ said...

So sorry, I know it's frustrating. It's good however that you are ready to move on.


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