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Friday, July 31, 2009

Too random for a real title...

  • I have had all kinds of blog post ideas rattling around in my brain this week, but no time to actually do them. Why do I dream about blogging? Because I am a total dork I suppose!

  • Miles has slept all week upstairs in his crib. Previously it has only been a night or 2 a week. Most nights, he has been asleep all night...but last night...

  • We are attempting to wean the pacifier already - especially at night. He doesn't NEED it, it's just more of a comfort and helps get him to sleep quicker. But DANG last night...he was kind of restless, like he couldn't get comfortable so at about 12:30 the stupid sucker fell out of his mouth. This produced crying. So up the stairs Daddy goes to put it back in. 1:00 it happened again. Up the stairs Mommy goes. This time I rocked him too and put him on his tummy (makes me SUPER nervous to do this at night. It's different during naps when we can watch him) but he sleeps more deeply on his tum-tum. I didn't even give him the sucker when I put him back down and he slept like a champ. I couldn't even wake him up at 4:30 feeding time - it was like one of those dream feeds. Then Daddy had to wake him up at 7:30 to go to the sitter. He is usually awake on his own by then.

  • Miles is still getting baths in the super.duper.awesome.(especially for boys)clean.water.tub. It is made for kitchen sinks, so that's where we are for bath time. As of last night, he is so long that he doesn't even fit on the kitchen counter - we lay him on a thick towel while getting the water ready and during dry off time. His head hits the tile and his feet are almost over the counter. WHAT! So this prompted Daddy to bust out the measuring tape and our estimation is 24". We also have one of those teddy.bear.bath.sponges that goes in the tub for him to sit on. He is so big that he needs the room that the sponge is hogging for himself! We took the sponge out last night, but his legs are almost over the marked "feet" section!

  • He is laughing out loud now! Seriously laughing! He will never do it when we are trying to get him know like when we want to get it on video. He just does it whenever. It is so precious! Like he is totally happy with his little life here with us!

  • He is still wearing some 3 month clothes, but 6 months in others.

  • The formula supplements are going well. Some days the sitter doesn't have to give him any, but when he needs just a few more ounces than what I pumped, he takes it like a champ!

  • I just got off the phone with Grampy. And guess what?...............Miles is going for his first official overnight tomorrow! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! I am totally freaked. Not that Grammy and Grampy won't known what to do - I mean they did raise 2 totally normal (well mostly) daughters of their own without any issues. That is what Dean told me, "Hello - they are his grandparents!" I know, I know. But he is going to be away from us for so long! The most he is away from me is 9 hours while I'm at work. This will be like 14!! And at night! What if he has a bad dream? I know it will be fine and we are only a phone call away....but I am still way nervous.

  • While Miles is spending some QT with Grammy and Grampy, we're going on a date! It's not that we don't go out with him - because we do - ALL THE TIME. But without him, I will be able to eat my dinner at a normal pace and not have to shovel it all in before he wakes up or try not to drop something on his head while eating (Chinese restaurant the other day - he was so tired he only wanted Mommy and our food had just arrived! Tried not to drop sweet and sour sauce on his purdy little head!) Maybe we'll even catch a movie or a band!

  • We'll be picking him on our way to SI's Mom's BDay party. I am making a cow cake for the party. Already made the little figurine out of fondant/gumpaste. He is a cutie! Well, I guess it's a she since she has udders! HEEHEE. I am also making a bday cake for a guy on my team at work for Monday. Not sure what I'm doing there yet. I have really been wanting just a "normal" cake - non-decorated, Bailey's Irish Cream with chocolate frosting, but I can't find a decent recipe anywhere....Plus it's not MY birthday, right? Anyone got one laying around?

  • I am FINALLY getting my hair done next week. I am need of some desperate help. Haven't had my highlights done since...oh I was about 6 months pregnant! I have worn it pulled up in a clip since coming back to work because when its down, those roots are a'SCREAMIN! I have decided to back to plain ol' brown and be without the highlights for a while. Hubby likes them, but they are high maintenance. And obviously if I only have time for an appointment every 6 months, they are not for me anymore!

  • Speaking of me and maintenance....I am also getting a pedi for the first time since coming back to work. Yes, you read that correctly. My son is 15 weeks old today and I came back to work when he was 9 weeks. Do the math....6 weeks without a the S.U.M.M.E.R. I am so embarrassed to don a pair of flip flops!! Doing that in the morning....

  • So between beauty maintenance, baking, date night, and bday party, looks like my weekend is DONE!

Sorry for all the ramblings, but at least it looks good in a nice outline kind of way! :0)

Have a good weekend!

**Oh and I promise updated weekly Miles pics and more cutie Miles pics and cake pics (run on sentence anyone?) next week!**

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2 nice things to say...:

Stacey Queen said...

Isn't it crazy how mommy-hood allows no time for being high maintenance any more! :)

Rae said...

Hubby and I had issues with that too, but we are SOOOO over that now! ROFL...We do our "adult" dates when they go with Mee-Mee!!!!

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