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Monday, July 6, 2009

LOOOOONG Weekend (to be continued)

This weekend seemed to take forever! I'm not complaining in the least bit since I got to spend more time with my man and my little man. But we were busy, busy Thursday - Saturday and finally got to rest and relax yesterday.

Thursday night we had dinner at this quaint restaurant with friends. They don't have a liquor license or sell beer, but you can bring in your own wine and a for a small $1.95 corking fee, they will open and serve it for you. I brought 2 bottles of our homemade wine and had the
Sun dried Tomato Ravioli (
Stuffed ravioli with ricotta cheese tossed in sun dried tomato cream sauce). It was FAN-TAB-U-LOUS!! I actually had to tell myself to not finish it all so I would have some to take home for lunch the next day. It was awesome! Anyway, that wasn't the most awesome part of the night. Our friends S & J (evacuees) are expecting baby #2! YAY! She "announced" it to us by putting a shirt on Andrew and asking us to look at him. The shirt said "Big Brother!" How fun is that! I know they are very excited and nervous about this new chapter in their lives. LOVE YA GIRL!

We have been tied up in a refinance on our house for months now. Apparently when the rates dropped everyone and their dog decided to refi so the paperwork has taken a lot longer than expected. Anyway, the guy called last week and said since our mortgage amount would be changing to just skip the next payment until they can get everything ready. Well we had already paid July so now we won't be paying til September. SWEET. But remember we aren't good savers and if there is extra money lying around, we need a reason to invest it, right? And what better reason than new living room furniture????

This is our old set we are currently selling on craigs.list. Selling the couch, love seat, end tables and coffee table. (Note: my living room is NEVER this empty. We removed the lamps and everything from the tables - and all of Miles' toys - from the pic so crazy craigs.list peeps wouldn't think it was for sale too).

So far we have had about 5 hits on it. One college bound kid wants only the tables, another lady in a new house wants only the couches DELIVERED (what? don't you know how craigs.list works lady? we post, you pick up), and several others that wanted more info but only one (college kid) has come to see them. He actually was going to take the entire set and at the last minute his dad called and said a buddy at work had a sofa set for him for free... and well free beats anything...

Anyways....Mr. Miles was a champ at the furniture store on Friday. We were there so long I had to give him a bottle, then we broke for lunch cuz Mamma was starvin', then we went back! We had gone there intitially looking for a sectional but after scouring the entire store at them, realized with our crazy room layout (TV niche to the left of fireplace) we wouldn't be able to get ample seating for the TV in a good relaxing position i.e. recliners pointed 90 degrees from TV = NEGATIVE from husband) during our lunch break is when we realized this. So when we got back I found an awesome storage ottoman that I had to have. I have always wanted one of those oversized leather ottomans. The "cushions" can be flipped and serve as table top trays and underneath them is storage for blankets and such. So then the game was to find a couch/love seat combo that matched it! Once those were found (can't find a linky to them because I don't remember their name and there are like 952 "brown sofas" on their website!) we picked out end tables to go with (same story as above). We are keeping our lamps (I HEART them. Have had them since my 1st apartment) but they have been spray painted a flat black color to match all the other wrought iron in the room. New stuff is scheduled to be delivered tomorrow. Tonight is furniture move out! WHOOP! Will post an "after" pic!

**I have taken too long to post this and now it is time to go - can't be late for the van - so I'll finish up the long weekend post tomorrow - hopefully with 4th pics - if I can remember to bring the flash drive with me to work (SIGH)**


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Beautiful Mess said...

DANG! too bad I'm not in your area, I'd LOVE those couches. They look super comfy! Can't wait to see the "after" pictures!

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