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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Out with the Old, In with the New...

The old furniture is sitting in its new home....the wine room. That is until Mean Aunt Betty can come pick it up for her son. Seems I didn't need to post it on Craigs.list after all since she saw the pic and read that we were getting rid of them on the bloggy!

Here are pics of the new stuff. I think we may have over purchased because we don't have quite the floor space we did before, but I LOVE the ottoman (had to have it) and also the chair and a half. It feels like the perfect spot to curl up and read a book to Mr. Miles!

I took these pics this morning around 5:45 AM so it was dark outside and the only light on in here was the 1 lamp so objects may be lighter than they appear...

Speaking of lamps...what do you internets think of the shades? The previous ones were the regular "lampshade shape" and cream. These are squared off and blazingly white. The white makes the light brighter, but with the dark tables and couches I think we may need tan or maroon (yes that is why the plastic is still on them!).

Also, the end tables....TOTALLY not the ones we picked or paid for. But I think they are better and probably more expensive. I need to take a better picture of just the table, but there is a bottom piece, kind of a shelf, more like a dust collector since Miles will be crawling at that level soon - and under that is a little drawer. Like inches off the ground - weird, what could you put in there...anyway, the cool part is that half of the table top lifts up (its hinged) and you can store crap in the table itself. I like this but I don't like this. It is way awesome for storing but you can't keep stuff on the front half of the table in the event you need to open it, right? I think I like it more than I don't like it. Dean especially likes it that I can keep all the magazines that used to litter the table tops in those cubby holes.

Overall, what do you think of the new setup?

Mr. Miles is doing so good. He has been sleeping through the night for the past 3 weeks (minus one day when he got up extra early for some reason) and this week for the first time, he slept through the night in his crib, in his own room. SNIFF. I woke up a couple of times to look at him on the monitor and there he was miles (ok only yards and stairs) away from Mommy snoozing like a big boy!

We had been using a blanket to cover him, but tucked on the sides and end of the mattress. He is such a little wiggle worm when he sleeps (gets that from Momma) that he is out of it and at the total end of the bed by morning. Guess we'll need to switch to that Halo.Sleep.Sack tonight. Never used it before. It was in the tons of stuff we got from Holden. Anyone have any luck with them? I think the one I have is a Medium, so hopefully it fits him ok.

**Way off topic and for another post, but wondering - how many of you BF'ing people out there are worried about not having enough to give to the sitter/daycare while you are away at work?**
Here are my favorite people - 2 legged and 4 legged - being cozy before bedtime on the new couch!

I just got an email from BRU about some water toys made by Aqua.Leisure that were recalled. Here's the link to the recall list. We have the I got it last September or so from OneStepAhead. It was on super sale so I got the baby.boat before I even had a baby! And I knew we would need something like this when we take Miles out on the boat to play in the water.

Oh well, at least they are giving me a full refund. Now I can find something even cooler!

Cuz I'm cool like that, I'm cool like that...(what's that song?)

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7 nice things to say...:

nikki said...

Does Miles need to be swaddles when he sleeps because I find that just putting a warmer sleeper on Sophia and no blanket works the best.

Beautiful Mess said...

Oh I just LOVE the new furniture! It looks great! I do think maybe a maroon lampshade would look better.
YAY for Miles being such a good sleeper. Way to go little guy!

PJ said...

So does the ottoman store stuff? We have one that does that, and we love it. We have an assortment of throws in there.

On My Mind 24/7 said...

yep-I'm totally freaking out over how much to pump and freeze and send to the daycare/family. What are you currently doing? So far I have frozen all 3 oz sizes, and I have 20 of those. I go back to work in 10 days! I think I'll be ok, I figured as long as I had one days supply ahead, that would be ok since I can pump the next day's supply at work. Curious as how much your little one eats. I pretty much give all pumped milk, she usually drinks 3oz at a time.

BrandiH2007 said...

Love the new furniture!

I normally send 4 4oz bottles to the sitter. She normally only drinks 3, but I send the 4th just in case I run late or she decides to start a growth spurt.

Stacey Queen said...

Love the furniture and the lamp shades. I think the color of them are great for contrast and to brighten things up a bit.
I've used the Halo Sack with Coy, we have several of them and they work perfectly. WOO HOO for miles sleeping in his own bed. We just started that last week with is more comfortable for him than his pack and play because now he sleeps all night!

KimboSue said...

Nikki - No more swaddling required. I can do warmer pj’s and nix the blanket. I'll try that!
Beautiful Mess – Bought the maroon lampshades - need pics. Now the problem seems to be the art niche which is painted RED is clashing with the maroon....
PJ – ottoman does store stuff. I LOVE IT!

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