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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Terrific Tuesday

  • I read this in an email from Baby.Center today: If you're feeding your baby formula, you can expect to pay between $1,300 and $4,000 for a year's supply. YAY more money for wine!
  • I think Miles might be teething. I can't feel anything on his gums, but he is a drooling machine! The sitter is having to change his clothes because they are SOAKED! And his fist is constantly in his mouth.

  • His other new trick is whenever he is laying on his back, his legs are straight up in the air. I think this is the next step to having his feet in his mouth!

  • Last night we put him to bed in his crib upstairs. We have done this a few other times and they have gone smoothly. Last night he was SO restless. I had the monitor turned way up so I could hear him (his room is far enough away that without the right volume on the monitor, I wouldn't hear him at all) and all I could hear was his body moving against the sheets. I looked at the monitor and he was flopping his head from side to side and moving his arms and legs all over the place. Of course this kept us awake because of the monitor amplifying what is normally a quiet sound. Finally about 2:30 Dean went up and put him on his tummy and give him his sucker (Dean HATES the word "paci"). He naps very well on his tummy but he did the same thing this way. 3:00 we moved him back to the pack n play in our room and he was golden. So an hour and half later....I had to get up to feed him before work. UGH am I dragging this morning.

  • Tonight, Deano is playing in the Galveston.Beach.Band again. It is very Americana, even playing in a gazebo with buntings hanging from it. The band director is 85 years old, as are some of the players. His dad started the band in 1934. They play every Tuesday night during the summer. Check out the link. My favorite from the article: "Benches provided. Mosquito spray recommended. Admission is free."
    • And you know I can't leave without a pic of the little guy! He is smiles 24 x 7!!!

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      8 nice things to say...:

      Anonymous said...

      Steph said..... Time to start wearing the little cutie outfits with matching bibs.

      nikki said...

      Make sure you get the bibs that are somewhat water proof. Gerber and Carter's make some nice ones that aren't plastic like.

      Stacey Queen said...

      It does sound like he is teething. that is what Coy did, it started about 2 months ago and still no tooth yet...just lots of drool.

      Stacey Queen said...

      Oh, and he is SO cute. I love all his smiley pics!

      Martha said...

      Such a cutie pie!!

      LaRay said...

      Love those drooly smiles! He's such a good baby too!

      Beautiful Mess said...

      I love drooly smiles, too! You are saving SO much money and I love that you're going to be spending it on wine! ;o)

      Rae said...

      He is such a cutie!!!! :)

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