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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Weekend continued...

Saturday we went to a pool party at a neighbor's house. Miles likes the water, but he doesn't like his wet diaper. I mean, he can barely stand to be in a pee diaper, much less when its soaking wet from a pool. I haven't bought any of those little.swimmers yet because I didn't think we'd be swimming that often, but now I think I might get some. I asked the sitter yesterday if she would like to take her girls to the pool/waterpark (in the neighborhood) and she said she would on days her husband was off so they could both watch them. So I'll be packing his trunks this week!

He likes it more when his feetsies are in the water, but not his butt!

Saturday night we went to a fireworks show that our South.Belt.Cookoff.Committee sponsors. The proceeds we make from the cookoff pay for the fireworks. It was great seeing everyone since we missed the actual cookoff this year. Mr. Miles was born during Beans Judging! He was really watching the fireworks and only jumped once during the the show and that was during the finale when there was extra booming!

This is Mr. Miles watching the fireworks from Mom's lap! The wind was blowing kind of hard so I was covering his ears for that and for the sound.

Sunday we went to a bbq/pool party at Miles' brother's apartment. He cooked some briskets for his 27th birthday! Happy Birthday Josh!

Week 11 - Happy 4th

He is really developing a little personality now. He smiles all the time and I love it when he smiles at me - like he really knows who I am and will smile when I come to pick him up. It totally melts my heart!

Got Mamas Milk Blinkie
Working Mom Blinkie

3 nice things to say...:

Suzy said...

He's adorable. Looks like you had a great weekend!

Not A Fertile Myrtle
Braces Buncher

Stacey Queen said...

Sounds like a great weekend! Miles is so beautiful, those are great pics!

Beautiful Mess said...

I love the last photo! His eyes are his smile are so adorable! Glad you all are enjoying your summer.

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