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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Me...ABC Style

Good thing I checked my personal email while here working at my desk....I totally forgot it was ICLW already!!

So for those of you who haven't been here before, here's a little rundown on Kimbo's life...ABC style.

A - Annovulatory - random cycles and no ovulation - that's me
B - Boy - what I secretly hoped we were having when we decided to not find out the gender
C - Chocolate - the 3rd love of my life
D - Deano - the awesome and understanding DH
E - Excited - how I feel every day when I pick up Miles from the sitter's
F - Four IUI's - what it took for us to get pregnant
G - Grandpa - who I miss so, so much. I am so sad he wasn't able to meet his great-grandson
H - Home - my favorite place to be these days
I - Injectibles - Meno.pur, Folli.stim, Ovi.drel
J - Jealous - of my friends who get pregnant so easily
K - Kimbosue - a childhood nickname that has stuck with me 31 years later
L - Low Motility - DH's slow swimmers
M - Male factor - that's DH due to a varicocele
N - Nervous - that I won't know how to be a good mom
O - Oral meds - clo.mid, pro.gesterone, pro.metrium
P - Poor morphology - DH's swimmers are bad!
Q - Quiet - what my house will never be again
R - Red - the hair color I wish I had
S - Son - my first born, my one and only (probably ever) Miles Monroe, born 4/17/2009
T - Tomatillo sauce - my fav sauce on enchiladas
U - Unagi - my favorite sushi!
V - Vagina - what was looked at, poked at, prodded at WAAAY too many times over the past year
W - Wine, red, red, red - my total fav. And did you know we make our own?
X - Xrays - teeth only. Think I'm the only one that hasn't broken any bones E.V.E.R.
Y - You - Thanks for stopping by and you try coming up with this list next's hard!
Z - Zebra - the Little.People animal my friend S always calls Giraffe when playing with her son! (OK, not really about me, but what else starts with Z? And really, I love telling this story about her all the time!)

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14 nice things to say...:

MAJ Bryen said...

I was wondering why people use random periods in their posts like clo.mid...can you explain why that is done? Happy ICLW!

Martha said...

Great A to Z post, KimboSue!! Your happiness and humor comes through. xx

Stacey Queen said...

So what is ICLW? Is that a blogger term I need to know? I love that you guys make your own wine, how do you do it? Also, did you go to the Circus, how was it?

KimboSue said...

The periods or dashes in the middle of words is to prevent them from being searchable. If you didn't break the word up, there is a chance this post would come up in a clo.mid google search. (Yes, even comments!)

ICLW is something I sign up for via another website. There is a button in upper left corner of page. If you click it, it will tell you the info. Basically its I Comment Leave Week. She gets a list of participants and you try to leave 6 comments on 6 different blogs every day that week. A great way to meet new bloggy buddies!

Circus was awesome. We were on the 3rd row on the floor...literally feet from the center ring! Left at intermission though...too much for Mr. Miles - lights and sound!

Katie said...

Hehehehe Have you seen the FRIENDS Unagi episode?!?! So funny ;) Congrats on your gorgeous little boy!

Anonymous said...

Steph said.....good thing there were not any Zebras or giraffes at the circus!

Triumph said...

Just found your blog.

Yours kids are cute, congrats on the new baby.

Laura said...

I love Q! As your son gets older, mine is almost 3, the noise only grows. I am amazed at how loud things can can around here :) I know we wouldn't have it any other way though.


FET Accompli said...

Loooove chocolate too! And Miles Monroe is such a perfect name.


WiseGuy said...

Hey there Kimbosue....thanks so much for catching my da-dum your A-Zs, and even I have done such an intro this ICLW.

I too have never had any broken bones, though I have been Xrayed for different reasons. Me loves chocolate too.


Kerri said...

Congrats on your adorable little one! I also have a little boy on the way after a 2 year battle with infertility. I can't wait for the day I can say I'll never have a quiet house again too! :)

Beautiful Mess said...

I've never broken a bone, either! It's a rarity that's for sure!

Glad you had fun at the circus. Great list! I love ICLW! It's how I met YOU!
P.S. thank you for the fondant recipe! I'm going to try that. I have chocolate marshmallows and I'm going to see how it turns out if I use those. Hopefully it'll be good. I'll let you know!

Fiddle1 said...

Congrats on your adorable Miles! I know what you mean about being nervous about how good a mom you are..I just posted about that too. How is he sleeping? Also, the first thing I did when I had mine was have DH make multiple copies of car keys. We have them in the house, in a keyholder on the car, etc. This way I can't lock her in...just a thought. On-star works too!!!

Andie said...

I also love ICLW! But that's not how I found you, I came over from Token's blog.

Love the ABC's and love that you make your own do you do that?

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