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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Blogger Bullshit & OnStar?

I am so flippin', flappin', flabbergasted!!! I CANNOT fix my blog code!!! I cannot get a picture to display as the header! Then I uploaded a new template and lost some of my "gadgets" particularly my blog list and my braces bunch list. UGH. I have copied all of the HTML for my other gadgets in the event they are erased too....

Just trying to spruce things up a bit. Found a FAB template on but it won't upload? I follow the instructions and put it in a HTML box, but when I click save it just hangs there forever and a day (have tried 4 times) and then I just have to cancel.

So in the meantime I have no header image, no title and no cutey background!!!

I am still tempted to go to wordpress for password protected anyways and I heard they have some really cute templates, but if all I am doing is importing my current HTML into their app, won't I have this same jacked up dilemma???

Wordpress people - tell me how much you love/hate it? I know you can't tinker with the code over there (not that it matters since this is obviously not my forte - WHAT I work in IT????)

On a completely other note, I had to call OnStar for the first time yesterday. I had picked up Maddie from the groomer and then went to get Miles. The truck was still hot from sitting in the parking lot all day, so I left her in it with the AC on. Went to get Miles and asked him if wanted to go see his puppy in the car... Sitter's girls were like, "Puppy? Puppy? Where's the puppy?" so we all went outside. On the way I say OUTLOUD - "I hope Maddie didn't lock the doors." She loves to stand on the arm rests to look outside (she's short) and always rolls down windows or turns on the seat heaters (why they put these in cars sold in the South is BEYOND me). Oh but this time....she locked the doors. (JINXED myself by saying it I guess!) So Maddie is in the truck, my keys are in the ignition, and my cell phone is in my purse - also in the truck....

Good thing I convinced Dean to put the OnStar stickers on the window - they have the phone number to call on them! Borrowed sitter's phone and within 5 minutes, it was open!!!

Next time remember to leave a window rolled down....

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5 nice things to say...:

Martha said...

So sorry for the blogger hassles. Thank goodness for On star, very cool.

Suzy said...

I've had issues with some of the backgrounds with before too. Very frustrating! I tried the word press ones, but I like to fiddle around with the html codes.

I can't remember the name of the site I switched my blog background too, but if you go there, it's in the top left corner.

I've been thinking about getting On Star on my newly purchased GM car and you've given me another reason to consider it!

Beautiful Mess said...

I haven't had an issues with Blogger. Mostly because someone else does all the HTML coding for me ;o)

YAY for Onstar! That was a close one!

BrandiH2007 said...

I had trouble getting the template too, but I found that you don't copy and paste the code. Save the template file to your computer. In the edit HTML section in Blogger first Download Full Template. This will save your template as is to your computer. Then click the browse button. Search for the Cutest template you saved and upload. This will upload the template. You'll have to add the other gadgets again though.

Hope this helped, and YAY for Onstar!

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