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Monday, July 13, 2009


**Not sure if you commentors click to get follow up comments so I'll answer here again:

Nikki - No more swaddling required. I can do warmer pj’s and nix the blanket TONIGHT!

Beautiful Mess – Bought the maroon lampshades - need pics. Now the problem seems to be the art niche which is painted RED is clashing with the maroon lampshades....maybe we'll have to paint.

PJ – ottoman does store stuff. I LOVE IT!

On to the posting...

Had a good weekend. I spent most of the day Friday baking and decorating cupcakes for my brother in law's 30th bday party. It was a luau so I made flowers - hibiscus'ish with leaves - out of fondant for the toppers. I also crushed graham crackers and used that as "sand" under the flowers. Turned out pretty cute - damn that camera is always at home when I need to post a pic from it! The party was fun. We went early to help setup, back home for a 2.5 hour nap with Miles, then back for party time. Needless to say we were homebodies yesterday. Nothing but channel surfing and napping!

So about that pumping question I asked last week. I am starting to get nervous about my volume. I mean, I know that it is known to fluctuate throughout the day - more in the morning and tapering off...but as Miles is growing and needing more, I am afraid my supply isn't going to be enough for him. I mean, some mornings I crank out 9 oz and leave for Deano to feed him when they wake up...and usually he takes all or most of that! Then my 8:00 pump gives me about 6 and the 11 and 2 usually only around 4, sometimes only 3. I don't think a baby who takes 9 in the morning will be satisfied with only 3 in the afternoon.

So then the sitter usually feeds him around 4 and I pick him up around 5:15. But I last pumped at 2 so I immediately have to go home and pump since it's my time and he's not hungry yet. I get 6ish at this time too.

So total that's 4 bags to send the next day with the sitter ranging from 3.5 - 6 oz. It just doesn't seem like enough to me. I gave her my supply I had stored up for backup/emergencies/need to combine with a smaller bag to make a big bottle. So right now I only have 1 emergency at home (in the event I'm tied up at work or the vanpool is) and Dean has to feed him. If I continue giving her my 4 pumps every day, how will I ever store any up for myself?

I don't think I can pump anymore after work than I am already - which is only once. Because I feed him around 7 then again at 9 and then its beddy-bye for us. If I pumped between those 2 feedings, I wouldn't even have any time to spend with Miles. Do you see my problem here?

Also, given the storage/pumping situation, how can I successfully go out of town - even for a 2-3 day trip without having anything to give the sitter/grammy while we are gone?

My only solution is to pump all weekend long in prepration for upcoming trip to get some storage for me. But if I do that guess what? I'm chained to that damn pump all weekend and don't even really have a weekend to do anything with Dean or Miles. UGH.

So.frustrating. The Damn Pump!

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5 nice things to say...:

Beautiful Mess said...

Oh I didn't even think about the red clashing with the maroon! How bad does it clash? Stupid question, i know because I'm sure it clashes a SUPER whole lot, but I'm Mary Frickin Sunshine, so I always hope it won't be as bad as it

I couldn't use the pump that much. I only used it to boost up my supply and it didn't work for me. But every time I was attached to that damn thing, I felt like I was "missing" out on the real time with the REAL baby! I totally can feel your pain. Sadly, I have no advice for you, just a sympathetic ear.

AJsMom said...

Unfortunately, you may find that as Miles gets bigger (with a bigger appetite) you may have to start supplementing with formula for those times when your supply just doesn't satisfy him. I think I would consider sending formula to the sitter and keeping the bonding personal time with him at home. What you pump at work could be stored for emergencies, etc.

Just a thought...

KimboSue said...

Yes AJ's Mom, that is the other concern I have about not having enough when he needs more. Maybe I could get the sitter to mix half formula half BM? Would that be too much of a PITA to ask her to do?

And yes Beautiful Mess...pumping at home REALLY sucks because I feel like that's 30 minutes I am missing of Miles Time!

Anonymous said...

Steph said......

You can do it! Think of what a wonderful gift it is for that boy!

It gets harder before it gets easier. You are half way to your goal!

Maybe just supplement 1 bottle at the sitter until you can build up a stash! We had to supplement when Drew was 3 months old, too.

A weekend away, pumping - storage- lots of work but you have to find time for you & D!

Stacey Queen said...

Sorry, I dont have any advice here. I had to start supplementing at 4 weeks and started drying up, so not much experience. But, I've heard if you just hang in there it will get better. Good luck!

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