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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Fertility and Fireworks

So today is the day we find out what our next protocol is. I am both saddened and excited about this doctor visit. Saddened because I realize this is probably the last cycle we will have before moving on to the Beast of IVF. And excited that we are getting into the swing of things again. I feel like we've been on a break FOREVER!! Like I mentioned before, I've been on Met now for a month and am pretty sure he said he wanted to try a cycle using Met and clo.mid together. I am really hoping this one works, not only for my emotional status, but also financially.

Did I forget to mention that our mortgage has DOUBLED for the remainder of the year? OH YES! We are paying over 3K a month starting in June. We had scheduled a payment through our bank (like the rest of our bills) while we were on vacation. When we got back, we had 2 letters from the mortgage company. The first one said that we had underpaid our mortgage and to please pay the balance. HUH? We checked the records and we paid the same amount we pay every month. The second said that they had under estimated our taxes for escrow and to "catch up" to what we will need to pay, they have doubled our payment! How ridiculous! No wonder so many people are leaving SCR for foreclosure problems! EESH! And if you add up how much we will be paying towards escrow with this new payment amount, we will end up overpaying our taxes, and getting money back from them in 2009. UGH. The timing couldn't be worse! So now we are tightening our belts and watching more of our spending....for the next 6 months...including fertility treatments and Christmas....BOO HOO.

Anyways, enough "poor is me." We have a fun filled weekend ahead of us. Tomorrow morning is the July 4th Parade and the SBCO committee is going to be on a float. Well, I use the word "float" loosely. More like a decorated, redneck style truck and trailer full of hay bales that we are sitting on!! Then tomorrow night we're having hot dogs at the park before the fireworks start. Pot luck sides and desserts. Should be YUM-O! Saturday night we're having a "block" party in our neighborhood. It's not necessarily just for our "block," but for our section. SCR is built of lots of different sections. I think ours has about 90 homes right now that actually have people living in them. There are some empties and a few vacant lots still to be built out.

What are your plans for July 4th??

P.S. The graphic was too cute not to use, but can we have spell check please? FOURTH

4th of July

5 nice things to say...:

Martha said...

I so want this cycle to be you and your DH's Golden ticket to a little one! I'm keeping fingers, toes, and eyes crossed. (Not an attractive sight)
OMG, what a freaking MAJOR Drag about your mortgage and taxes, Holy Smokes!
Re.the 4th of July, it sounds eerily similar to your plans, we have a Parade in the morning (no Hot babes like you though, just a bunch of classic cars, cubscouts, and equestrians.) Then a bunch of friends and neighbors will meet up at our community pool for BBQ and swim relays including watermelon and inner tube races, then off to block parties for more food and drink before the fireworks.
Thanks for the cute graphic, my DH and I love to find typos in menus and signs, HELLO, Spellcheck?
Thanks for asking and sending my best to you for your next MD appt.

nikki said...

Keeping my fingers crossed for you! Have a wonderful 4th!

On My Mind 24/7 said...

Hey there, sorry I have been a bad commenter lately! I am so tired I can barely keep my head up! I wanted to tell you that it seemed like I didn't lose any weight for a while and then bam! All my clothes were lose and I really noticed. It might take a while. I hope you really don't have to go the IVF route. I can't believe that about your mortgage-whoa! I'd freak out for sure if that was me! Anyhow, have a great July 4th, unfortunately I have to work-ugh!

nh said...

I hope that the Met works... and that you don't have to jump on the IVF train.

PJ said...

That truly sucks about your mortgage!!! OMFG!

We are in the middle of a refinance, and it has been a royal pain!

Good luck with this cycle! Hope that this is the ticket for you, and that you don't need IVF. It ain't cheap! :)

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