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Friday, July 25, 2008

Follie Watch 2008

Back from the RE's office again...

Lining - 7.8
1 Right - 15X18
1 Left - 13X18

still lots of smaller ones. Doc says he wants them to be a little bit bigger and the lining needs to be thicker too. Today is CD12 so he is afraid I might ovul.ate by myself so today we started this protocol in addition to the estro.gen and Met:

Friday: Anti.gone injection to prevent o, 2 Meno.pur and 2 Foll.istism injections, estro.gen patch to thicken the lining
Saturday: Anti.gone injection to prevent o, 2 Meno.pur and 2 Foll.istism injections
Sunday: Anti.gone injection to prevent o, 2 Meno.pur, new estro.gen patch
Monday: back to RE for follie checkup
Tuesday: new patch
Wednesday: IUI

9 nice things to say...:

Martha said...

Thanks for the update, Kimbosue. I'm glad the RE is keeping a close eye on you and your follies. Keeping you and your babies to be close in my thoughts. (((Hugs)))

Kristine said...

Wishing your follie's good growth and no premature O!


PJ said...

Wow! That's a lot of injections for an IUI!

Keep us updated. :)

~Jess said...

Good luck! I hope it all works for you and your follies grow into beautiful babies!


vamplita said...

Keeping all my crossables crossed for you this cycle, girl!

MamaSoon said...

Good luck to you in this cycle. GROW FOLLIES GROW!

MommaLove said...

Wishing you luck with this IUI!


nh said...

Good luck in your IUI, keep telling those follies to grow!


Nic said...

Good luck with those follies and lining - they sound like you're still in with a chance, the lining will go up a bit as the follies get nearer maturity.

Hope the drugs prevent a spontaneous Ov!

Over from ICLW xx

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