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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Back from the clinic...

Today is CD3 so I had the usual hoo-hoo cam and b/w. Cam showed both ovaries quiet with "small antral follicles." Gonna have to "antral." I think it means behind? I dunno. Anyway, he ordered a P-COS panel for the b/w. This included testing for 11 things!!! Bein's (I make fun of D for saying that all the time) that I have zippo fertility insurance, I usually pay about $80 per test ($100 minus a 20% cash discount) so we were looking at over $800 today just for b/w!!! My dear friend Anna, the "financial advisor" of the clinic was like, "Eesh. This is going to be expensive!" So she worked a little magic for me. Since this was the first visit of the cycle, she said she could code the b/w differently (non-fertility code) and bill my insurance for the b/w! WOOHOO - b/w cost me only $15 copay!


$15 was not my total bill. We had to pay for the IUI too IN ADVANCE EVEN IF IT DOESN"T WORK (WHICH IT WILL) hoo. Total was $1163. And to make things more difficult, I left my debit card in my pants pocket last night! I had written my number down on a sticky note. Anna said to pretend to call her with the number to charge it because the check out lady is a tattle tale and the office frowns on paying by sticky note (HA!) and would tell someone what I had done. Really, like you can't check the account and know that I am using the same card as always! Anyway, as I was leaving she said, "You still have my business card right? Don't forget to call me" loud enough for rude-y check out lady to hear!

So this round's protocol:

  1. Clo.mid CD3-CD7
  2. Meno.pur 3 vials CD5, CD7, CD9
  3. Met continue 1500mg daily

Follie check on 7/23 and again on 7/25, with the IUI probably on 7/28!!!!

SA Results are in too:

3.6M, 40% motility. Doc says the motility is good and with wash, the count will probably increase.

Looking good!!

Grateful for:
  • IUI #4
  • Ladies IRL and in the blogosphere that have been through this before me
  • Cake decorating class - I decorated my 1st cake last night - pic tomorrow.

10 nice things to say...:

Martha said...

Thank you, KimboSue for the update and glad to hear the labs are good. Thanks also to Anna, how cool. I will be sending major baby creating vibes on 7/28. Antral follicles are what contain your eggies and are measured w/dildocam. Can't wait to see the cake pix. ((Hugs))

nikki said...

Hoo-hoo cam! Ha! I always called it the dildo cam. Keeping my fingers crossed for you.

s.e. said...

Wow! You are going to be pregnant before I get back from traveling. Although I will not be commenting, I will be thinking about you. And I will definitely be checking in for your good news upon my arrival!

PJ said...

I have decided that I have pretty crappy insurance, but I've gotta hand it to them, they still pay for anything diagnostic. Even, all of the bazillions of bloodwork included in IVF.

I think Antral Follicles are just your resting follicles - like the ones that are waiting in line!

I'm wishing you the very best of luck this try!

On My Mind 24/7 said...

Have the side effects of the Met gotten any better for you? Glad to hear everything is a go for another IUI for you. I'm crossing my fingers for you!

Kymberli said...

KimboSue, it sounds good. All good. This just HAS to be it!

emilythehopeless said...

awesome cake!
good luck with your protocol!
i hear you about the insurance.. mine doesn't cover any infertility either.. totally sucks.

here from ICLW :)

Nit said...

Hola from ICLW!!!

That was nice of the office lady :)

Good luck with this cycle :)

Arpee said...


I hope our coming IUI on the 28th is it!

I just had my first IUI cycle (yesterday and today) and am now officially in a 2WW.

We're going to be waiting at the same time for 1 week.

Here's to you and your DH :)

Carrie said...

lol - pay by sticky note. That's a good one!

-Carrie from ICLW

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