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Monday, July 7, 2008

Round #4 In Motion

Dr. H was happy to see me. It seemed like forever since I was last in his office. During the initial visit where the nurse takes my BP and weight, she asked if I was up to date with my Pap. Technically I was about 2 months late with it, but since we'd been seeing Dr. H since January and he was always "up in there" I didn't really feel the need to have another person check it out. She said that he is a gyno too, so if I want, he can do it today. YAHOO - an unplanned hoo-hoo checkup. Gotta love those. I always like to feel "prepared" for those times, but it beat having to schedule another visit with my regular gyno and pay another co-pay and parking. I also asked him why I was taking Met - did he think I had PCOS? He said he thinks I have some variation of it with the slow growing eggies and no ovulation. So here are the plans for this cycle:

  1. D continue taking Prox.eed
  2. D get another SA within the next couple of weeks
  3. Me continue on the Met
  4. Call on CD1 for bloodwork
  5. Come in fasting for said b/w to test for PCOS
  6. IUI #4 with Met, Clo.mid, and injections

Keep your fingers crossed, wish us luck, say a prayer, send us baby dust… Do whatever it is you do – to help us make this cycle THE ONE.

Hope you all had a safe and fun Fourth!

4 nice things to say...:

PJ said...

Keeping fingers crossed for you!!!

I had my yearly a few weeks ago, and my regular gyno was fascinated by the events that have taken place in my girly parts over the past year! LOL!

sigh... I miss the days of low traffic in that area. :)

Martha said...

I'm wishing you the BEST of Luck, saying lots and lots of prayers, have fingers, toes, and eyes crossed (not an attractive sight), and am sending an Express Shipment of BABY Dust!

Sharon said...

Wishing you all the best, crossing all crossables, sending up a prayer and flinging some baby dust at you.
As for the pap,mmm, that reminds me,I"m a bit behind as well!

s.e. said...

Oh it will be our month again soon!

I ran into the same situation with my pap although I was over a year behind and must see my ob/gyn. I go Wed. But agree the RE should be on top of those things.

It looks like you have a promising plan!

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