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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

And So We Wait...

Today we'll start with 2 songs I heard on the way to work that seem to clarify how I am feeling today: Living on a Prayer by Bon Jovi and Faith by George Michael. That's how I feel after yesterday's appointment.

As I mentioned yesterday, Dr. H is out of town, but as we all know this IF stuff is all time relative, so it had to be done. He offices on a floor with a bunch of other OB/Gyn's and mid-wives so there are u/s techs in abundance. She was a little Chinese lady who was very soft spoken. She didn't even look at my hoohoo. She pulled the "blanket" all the way over me, to my ankles and handed me the dildo-cam and said, "I know this is different from Dr. H, but you need to put it in." HUH? Ok, so under the covers I go to insert the thing. Anyway, then she "drove" to take the pics he had requested. She wasn't telling me anything like lining thickness or eggie sizes so I finally had to ask. She said the lining was 8, which was good....followed by "have you responded well to this treatment before?" oh no. That was NOT a good question. Of course I have...WHY? Oh well these are only about 8 and that's small. Gee...thanks for the vote of confidence lady. So she leaves me to re-dress and I cry on the table. UGH. I am so sick of crying.

Then down to the lab in Dr. H's office. I ask the nurse when he would have the report from the u/s and when she would be talking to him. She said he tries to call around 4 so she should be able to fax him the report by then and call me with what to do next. I told her about the small eggies and she said she would let him know.

Not only was Dr. H out, but so was the lab tech from Q.uest. He is always so sweet and has never had to poke me twice. Dr. H's nurse had to do it. She didn't like the arm and/or the vein Q.uest guy that made me nervous. Then she squeezed the vein, poked the vein with her finger, almost put the needle in....about 25 times! I finally had to tell her that she was making me very nervous. I guess since she has the lab guy, she doesn't really get to practice poking people much.

Nurse S called me back around 5:30. She said that Dr. H wanted me to take Antagon today AM and tomorrow AM and come in for another u/s on Thursday to make for sure the eggies are growing. I have never taken Antigon, but Google MD told me this:

Antagon is a new medication that will allow IVF doctors to utilize IVF stimulation protocols without requiring the use of Lupron. Like Lupron, Antigon blocks the Luteinizing Hormone surge that, if occurring prematurely, will jeopardize a successful egg retrieval by causing premature release of the eggs from the follicles. Using Antigon, the single egg follicle can be allowed to mature without risking egg release prior to retrieval.

Basically to prevent me from ovulating too soon. So I'm on my way to his office now to get the Antigon (shipping from the IF pharmacy wouldn't get here in time). Now the IUI for the weekend will be determined by tomorrow's u/s results... and so we wait....


Back from the RE...the "real" name of the injection is ganirelix acetate aka Antagon. The injection site is hurting, as is my abdomen. But according to the information in the box, these are normal reactions.

Grateful for:

  • Antagon - to prevent us from having to cancel this cycle
  • Dr. H caring enough to treat his patients from afar

1 nice things to say...:

vamplita said...

Your U/S experience is by far the weirdest one I've heard of in quite a while, Kim! I can't imagine a doctor doing that. It's almost as if she was afraid to touch you. Sheesh. It's not like IF is communicable!

Glad you had a fun cuatro de mayo!

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