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Thursday, May 22, 2008

What Kind of Wine Are You?

What Kind of Wine Are You? Take the Quiz

My Results:

Cabernet Sauvignon

You are a Cabernet Sauvignon - Strong, powerful, and make your presence felt.
Your friends often describe you as the life of the party and people often gravitate towards you. You make your opinion known and don't like to keep things inside. When you watch a bad movie or eat a bad meal, you make it known! You have a lot of energy and enthusiasm but it can be hard to keep your attention for longer than it takes to watch a video on YouTube. You are courageous and welcome adventure in your day to day life and in small and large doses alike.
Cabernet Sauvignon is commonly referred to as the "king of wine." Your grapes produce wines with a lot of depth and flavor, and remind the drinker of plum, black cherry, and currant. This type of wine is often kept in oak barrels, hence its common "oaky" taste. In the U.S., you are usually grown in Napa Valley in Northern California, internationally you have been made famous in the Bordeaux region of France. If you're looking for food to pair with, you can't go wrong with a big steak!
To learn more about wine, and to create your personal taste profile to identify wines that you would love, we invite you to check out Bottlenotes a great site for those new to wine as well as the serious collectors.

1 nice things to say...:

Candid Engineer said...

Here through NaComLeavMo. Although I'm not sure what kind of wine I'd be according to a quiz- I do know that I could use a nice cold glass of Pinot Grigio right now! Commenting + new blogs + wine = good times. :o)

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