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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Birthday and Cinco de Mayo!

Well the weekend parties are well behind us. And APPARENTLY I had a good time. Since it was possibly the last "party" before I get knocked up, I went out like a champ. I am too embarrassed to actually post pics that were taken of myself, but let's here's a sneak peek at some I have already seen on some friends' cameras/myspace:

  1. 3 Jager bombs + an Apple Pucker Mother F***er shot
  2. Several pics of me double fisting TWO Captain and Cokes
  3. oh and the pic of me KISSING the Birthday Girl on the MOUTH with my arm wrapped around her neck. Apparently I was upset because she has lots of pics of her kissing her OTHER friends, but not me. That is because I DON'T LIKE KISSING GIRLS!!! (No James, there was no tongue action!)

So on Sunday morning, I had to ask D what time we got home and if he picked up all of my "stuff" - decorations and bowls and such. Good thing my husband was there to take care of me! I spent Sunday at a Pot Luck lunch for the committee. We BS'd afterwards til 6, then headed to D&S's to chill (per D, to celebrate Quatro de Mayo!). The ladies gossipped and hung out on the deck, while the men also hung out on the deck and worked on killing a case of Bud. Needless to say, I did not partake in those beverages!

Cinco de Mayo went well. We had Mexican food and margaritas/Corona at Los Cucos in Pearland. I wasn't really into the partying spirit per se, though because of the before mentioned DRUNK FEST 2008.

I have my final follie scan and b/w appointment scheduled for this afternoon. Dr. H is actually out of town for a conference so this will be the first u/s I have had without him performing it. I am a little nervous the tech won't do the right measurements or "see" everything like he does. He is supposed to get the info ASAP to Dr. H so I can know what day to trigger this week - it'll be Thursday or Friday, with the IUI being Saturday or Sunday (Mother's Day, how appropriate).

So, please keep us in your prayers this week!

Grateful for:

  • IUI #3 on Mother's Day weekend
  • The injections are D-O-N-E!
  • Tonight is Bunko!

2 nice things to say...:

Kate said...

Welcome to the Braces Bunch! It's good to see another TX blogger is out there. I will be thinking about you on Sunday and hoping for a good result. :)

PJ said...

Whoa! Sounds like someone had fun!

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