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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Long Weekend

So today is the last day of the work week for me. WOOHOO! Tomorrow is the first Friday off for my 9/80 summer schedule. In the morning we are dropping Maddie girl off at the kennel for the first time. I hope she's not too scared or depressed being away from us for 3 days. We're headed to Louisiana for a family reunion until Sunday. A 6 hour drive with Dean and my parents. Good thing I have 2 books to read on the way!

Speaking of the reunion...although it will be nice to see everyone again (this is only an annual thing), it will again be a reminder that we don't have any kids of our own. I have some 2nd cousins who are 5 or so years younger than me, going on their 3rd and 4th kids already. Seems like one or more of them are pg at every reunion! And oh the questions..."when are y'all having kids? You're not getting any younger, you know. How long have you been married?" UGH. Luckily we're not particularly close to any of them so they are unaware of our IF struggles, only that we're "trying to have a baby." Maybe I can keep up the facade that we are still "trying" the natural way...

Other than Baby Drama, I am sure we will have a good time. I'm cooking chicken and dumplings (Grandma's recipe) on Friday night, Saturday there will be fishing at the pond with Mom, driving the 4 wheeler (with a new seat courtesy of my husband!) around the woods, Catfish Dinner @ this hole in the wall we've gone to for years. And when I say hole in the wall, I'm not only talking about the restaurant, I'm talking the town too. Population 357. No I am not kidding! Check it out yourself! The actual reunion is on Sunday. I am taking Baked Potato Casserole and a dessert that has yet to be determined....any suggestions?

Anyway, hope you all have a fun filled weekend and I'll see you around next week!

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Martha K said...
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Martha K said...

Have fun in Sportsman's Paradise! Wish some folks would just learn to keep their thoughts to themselves. Anyway you could share the family recipes? Hmm,re.desserts, are strawberries in season in TX and LA? I love TGIF's Chocolate Malt cake, you can find the recipe w/Google. I cheat a little, use a mix for cake, but the frosting from scratch, Yum! Best Wishes from Southern California on all your baby dreams coming true, Martha

vamplita said...

Bleah - been there, done that (ad nauseum) in regards to the "hey, when are y'all going to have kids of your own??" questions. Plus, now as an added bonus, I'll now get the lovely questions/comments about the miscarriage, or just the oh-so-sad looks our way. Whee!

Ah well. Hopefully that's going to change soon for you and for me! In the meantime, I almost always answer The Question with "when God feels it's time". Hard to have a snappy comeback to that, doncha know. ;)

vamplita said...

Oh yeah...forgot to add...

hope y'all have a terrific time this weekend!

s.e. said...

Wishing you strength this weekend. My husband always wants to respond to the "are you trying question" with "Yeah we tried three times this morning." I hope most of them leave you alone.

And I am so jealous you can read in the car!

PJ said...

OK it's probably too late, but banana pudding w/ nilla wafers is easy and always a pleaser.

And I'd do the "we're trying" at first, and then if they pushed it, I'd probably start sharing too much. Sharing too much, usually makes people back away--at least in my case! LOL!

Have fun!

Leah said...

Hope you enjoy your weekend and I'll keep my fingers crossed that the insensitive questions and comments are kept to a minimum.

I'm sorry about your last cycle, hopefully the addition of Metformin does the trick.

Welcome to the Braces Bunch! I've been following your blog for a couple of weeks and have been meaning to comment since JJ sent out the list of new folks. Sorry it's taken me so long! I'll be checking in and rooting for you.

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