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Thursday, May 8, 2008

I should have stayed home today...

I am already feeling very emotional/hormonal today and since I have another u/s and b/w at 8:30, this means I had to drive in to work again (vs the van pool). I was on a 2 lane road going 45 and this stupid Civic pulls out from a neighborhood and doesn't speed up...continues about 20 so of course, I have to slam the brakes to avoid hitting him. Then what does he do? Oh, he puts his blinker on to turn left onto the first street past where he just came from! OMG! Thanks alot you a**hole!

A few BLOCKS later, I pulled up to a light next to a Corvette and he decided he wanted to race when the light turned green. So I did.... and I won. Yeah for Zoe! But then as we are slowing down (a little) through the next intersection (Don't worry kids, it was 6:15AM so not too many people out and about) this little Nissan pickup turns right, right in front of me! Again with the brakes...

A few BLOCKS after that, I am in the right lane singing with the radio driving the speed limit and there's a school bus beside me. Suddenly he puts on his blinker and starts to come over! I was almost a school bus/curb sandwich. So I lay on the horn and slam the brakes yet again and he moved back over...

So this is a fair warning to those of you I will come in contact with today, and especially this morning.... I am NOT in a good mood.

I REALLY should have stayed home today. How can, in only 5 miles, 3 different cars cut me off, put on their brakes and their blinkers because they want into another lane? This happened on a 2 way road and the FREEWAY for crying outloud!! Since when is it OK to drive 40 with your brakes on because you need to get over? OMG

This was the only weekend we had available in May to do the IUI. After that its family reunion in LA, Family camping trip for Memorial Day, and the Cruise starts on 5/31 - 6/8.... Dr. H did say that if this one didn't take then we would take rest cycle before trying something else. But I don't want to rest...

U/s was again with me doing the inserting. Just weird if you ask me. The lining was still 8 and the follies were still 8.

  • What does this mean will happen to this cycle?
  • Will it be canceled?
  • Is it my fault the follies are not growing because of Drunk Fest 2008?

2 nice things to say...:

Anonymous said...

And on a side note, lunch today is cancelled. :P

vamplita said...

Nah, your follies don't care if you were celebrating cuatro de mayo, girl. Don't even let that trouble you. Sometimes things just are the way they are, with or without any input from us. It's not like you blew off taking your meds or'll all work out. :)

Enjoy your weekend.

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