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Friday, May 9, 2008

Out of Town Docs Suck

It would figure that the only cycle week I have bad performing eggies is the week Dr. H goes out of town for a conference. I have to funnel all questions through the nurse and wait for him to call into the office, and then wait for the nurse to call me back. All of this IF stuff is so frustrating with the waiting, waiting, waiting...

Nurse A called me back around 5:00 yesterday. She said Dr. H wanted me to take Menopur x3 last night and again tonight. Then come in Saturday morning for an u/s and b/w with him. I am so thankful for that (and thankful to not have to see Bad Vibes u/s tech anymore). I was wondering how I would get through the weekend with all of this not knowing the outcome of my eggies or this cycle in general.

Grateful for:

  • Dr. H is back from the conference - YAHOO!
  • That I still had some Menopur leftover and didn't have to order more.
  • Killen's Steakhouse for Mother's Day tonight (It was a scheduling thing, but VERY GLAD we don't have to endure seeing all of those moms gathered with their children.)

2 nice things to say...:

PJ said...

I hate all of the filtering questions through the nurse.

However, I LOVE a good steak. I may have to go have steak tomorrow evening. I deserve it this week, I think! All that egg growing (or trying to grow eggs anyways) is exhausting!

Lulli said...

Well written article.

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