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Monday, February 9, 2009

29 Week Update & Shower Pics

Ooops. So I am a bad updater. I had something to do like every night last week so I never got around to posting pics or even a 29 week appointment update! Don't be too mad at me!

Baby's HB was 140.
My blood pressure was good. I had gained 3 pounds in the 2 weeks since the last appointment which puts me at 13 lbs total (post IUI drug weight - since we started seeing the OB).
Belly measuring at 31 weeks. EEK! She said not to worry, that every measurement can be +/- 3 weeks so it doesn't necessarily mean I'm going to pop early!

The 29 week belly

My view from above

My first shower was this past weekend. I was SO nervous. I've never had a been the focus of a shower before, not all by myself at least. Our wedding shower was couple's so Dean as on the spot with me!! 3 neighbors co-hosted. The theme was baby jungle animals. Everything was precious! The cake, cupcakes, diaper cake, decorations, food, punch.... We got tons of goodies. Lots of yellow and green, duck and turtle outfits! Apparently that's the norm for "gender neutral" babies! LOL. We are so grateful for our hostesses for putting this on for us, as well as all the guests who came to celebrate with us. Believe it or not, a couple of people who came didn't even know I was pregnant until they got the invitation in the mail. WOW - I thought we had shouted it from the rooftops by now. It was great seeing everyone and I am so glad they were able to celebrate Baby A's upcoming arrival.

Me, Susan and Kim R - 2 of the hostesses with the mostesses. Kim R is the one I took cake decorating classes with last year. By the looks of things, you can tell who became the professional of the 2 of us. She made all those animals, cake and cupcakes herself. SO TALENTED!

The diaper cake with a cutie giraffe on top!

The cupcakes!

Me cracking up with the cake!

After the shower, mom and sister came over to make our handmade decorations for Peanut's room. We each took an animal from the bedding and painted it on a canvas. We signed them Grammy, Mommy, and Aunt Melissa....They are already up in the nursery (pics soon - as soon as the final details are worked out) and they look awesome!

Grammy = Bear Mommy = Monkey Aunt Mel = Doggy
And finally....the Super Bowl/Birthday Cake we took to AJsDad's house for a bday/Super Bowl party... This was my first (and second) attempts at frozen.buttercream.transfers. I will try again, but with different directions. I don't like the way they look "taller" than the cake...
Oh and that's AJsDad's version of his Mii character from Wii...

8 nice things to say...:

BrandiH2007 said...

Wow, your friends did a great job! And i just love the cake and cup cakes!!! I'm glad you enjoyed yourself!

Anonymous said...

Cutest cake and cupcakes EVER!! They look like they came straight from the Fisher Price Rainforest collection. :) I love that F-P stuff, I think I'm an addict.

Cute artwork! You're so creative!

Martha said...

Great pictures, everything is so delightful. I love the cakes and you look Absolutely Amazing, so beautiful.

Beautiful Mess said...

Wooohooo, belly pictures! Your look great! Your shower cake and cupcakes were so cute. Glad you had a lot of fun. You deserve it!

nikki said...

Those cupcakes are too precious. The paintings turned out lovely.

On My Mind 24/7 said...

Wow-that green jungle cake is just ADOREABLE! I love it! Sounds like a great shower!

Baby Jungle said...

What a creative idea to make handmade decorations for the nursery. They turned out great!

Anonymous said...

The cake and cupcakes are fantastic!!! What an awesome talent!!

OK Kim, I'm ready to guess on what your having now...I can tell from the belly...hehe

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